More Sonic On The Way

So it turns out that SEGA has confirmed that they are working on a new Sonic game that will complete the ‘Sonic Storybook’ trilogy. The Storybook games have so far consisted of Sonic and the Secret Rings (not bad) and Sonic and the Black Knight (not great).

More excitingly, in my opinion anyway, was the news that a new SEGA Superstars game is in the works. The previous Superstars games, SEGA Superstars Tennis and Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing, were quality titles so here’s hoping for a SEGA style Super Smash Bros. game!

Source: Sonic Paradise via D’toid


  1. What about Sonic 4 episode 2??

    • I think Generations has taken it’s place

      • I wasnt keen on the generations demo…. Sonics jumping seemed too…i dont know not sonic like.

      • Nothing in Sonic has been very sonic like for a long time now, but Generations is probably the closest we’ve gotten.

      • well at least in sonic 4 he was jumping properly and it didnt have gat 3d parts.

        Just his jumping was too limited and seemed horrid when he was zooming and the cameras changed… deleted straight away.

        Either make sonci like he was in early 90’s or dont bother.

  2. Don’t forget Sega.. Sonic Adventure 2?.. do it, how hard can it be?

    Anyways I’d like to something like Smash bros haha… if it has alot of characters maybe 40-(70)? then it would be so epic.

  3. Rinsed.

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