Meet the Folder: AG2297

Back again, this time with “AGTooManyNumbers” in the seat. Yup, even more AG2297, he’s everywhere this week. First he was running that Gameloft Competition, then he was one of the main folders in July’s Folding@home Stats (having climbed a massive 82 places), and now he has a post all about himself.

So without further ado, Mr. AG2297.

Member Profile

Name: Adam
Username: AG2297
Age: 19
Location: Birmingham, UK

Folding Questions

There are several different reasons why people run Folding@home, be it experience with one of the diseases folding aims to cure, just helping out, or just for community status. But what got you into folding and for TheSixthAxis’ Team?

Seeing the folding stats posts on TSA got me into folding. I started by just using the PS3 then I moved to using my laptop. I then had a large break from folding until recently where I felt I should do more folding with my community role at TSA and also buying a high end PC meant I could provide a substantial amount of folding points for TSA.

There are several different platforms that folding@home can be run on (PS3, PC, MAC), what platforms do you use to fold?

Currently I’m just using my PC only to fold. When Stanford catch up with the top end GPUs I’ll try using my GPU to fold too and if I can get my laptop fixed I may bring that back to folding.

So far my PC has caused me to jump over 85 places in less than a month on the TSA leaderboard which has been fun to watch.

There may be some people who might think that their hardware isn’t powerful enough for whichever reason. What Specification are you running folding@home on?

My PC has an overclocked i5 2500k processor running at 4.6ghz and 8GB of Corsair RAM. It also has some solid state memory in there and an ATI 6950 GPU.

There will be people from the TSA community that will read this who don’t currently “fold”, is there anything you’d like to say to those members?

Just to encourage them to fold and join the team! Its great to see the TSA team rising through the leaderboard and to know you are a part of it. Also watching yourself rise up the ranks in the TSA leaderboard is also awesome :).

So join in! It’s all for a good cause and it’s always fun to be part of a team.

User Stats

Team Rank Project Rank Weekly Points Total Points Work Units Next Overtake
02/07/11 63 136,969 12,360 37,272 246 Bonyman 


02/07/12 8 681,862 Jeebers 


Your Turn?

If you would like to feature in a future Meet the Folder post, please email Jas-n [at] SonyFanatic [dot] com, with the subject “Meet the Folder – {YOUR USERNAME}”.

We’d like to thank Adam for his time in answering our questions.


  1. Good interview, and cracking specs!

    But, are you sure about ‘i5 3600k’ ? do you mean an i7 2600k, or a i5 2500k? (unless you’ve got some ninja friend whos nabbed a new chip from intel :O )

    • Yeah that looks like it was a typo, fixed now :)

  2. Interesting stuff, sheriff. :)

    I’d like to learn more via a Meet the Staff feature. I know what you sound like now though, the mystique is partially lost but at least you sound authoritative. ;)

  3. ah, the competition. >:)

    you’re only like 180 or so places above me, i’d watch your back if i were you.

    hold, on, 180, that seems like quite a lot now i think about . o_O

    • Not sure about competition, AG’s folding ~1,700 points per day, and so far you’ve done 502 ;).

      But it’s the spirit that counts.

  4. You know what I forgot to do… edit the next Overtake, ah well.

  5. Welcome to Folding@Home, AG2297. Look forward to chatting with you soon some time. Always good to get to know the n00bs on TSA. Ha!

    (Happy Birthday too, fella). :-)

    • Speaking of nobs, sorry n00bs, you’re folding’s going down :(.

      • I had a truly shocking electricity bill. No, it didn’t electrocute me but it was so high I had to start switching appliances off to save on money. So far, the PCs are off during the night and the PS3 is off all of the time. However, I think I’ll start leaving the PS3 on 24/7, fella. *raises thumb aloft as guarantee*

        Just to mention, this is part of a huge exercise for me to behave more with energy consumption so I’m ramping everything down then switching stuff back on over the course of time. Just waiting for my first quarterly bill then will take it from there.

        Whoosh, sorry about the rambling reply.

  6. Quick question to anyone who folds on PC.

    How long does it take you to do 1 WU. As I only set my PC up yesterday for it and it’s taken best part of 20 hrs just to reach 207/250? Is this about right?

    • Each laptop/PC will be different, my laptop takes roughly 10 hours to do a 250 WU.

      • Ok cheers weren’t too sure if it was gonna be like my ps3 where it’s just a standard 6th stint.

      • No, the PS3 gets special WU’s that are designed to be done within 8 hours, at night. So you can get all your gaming done in the day, and a WU will complete in the night while you rest before another day of gaming.

      • Never knew it was 8 hours? Mine always says 6? Although saying that I keep my ps3 on while I’m at work for folding aswell.

      • The WU’s of old were about 8, but seem to have dropped (maybe due to that RAM increase), but not they’re about 6.5 hours.

      • My PS3 WUs are also always 6h. Maybe because of the “advance mode”?

      • Na, I don’t think the mode makes any difference, it’ll be to that ram increase the devs got.

  7. Nice to meet you AG2297, I was enjoying that until i saw “Next overtake” …. me.. :O
    It seems my days are numbered with all these hi-spec Pcs entering the fold but it’s all for a good cause ….anyway i still have some extra resources i can engage if needed ;)

    • Ignore those, I forgot to update, hence the date, which has passed.

    • AG was one below me when the months results were posted last week, now he’s five ahead. Probably more by now.

      • I’ve got an almighty work unit on the go that is taking a few days so I’ll slow down while I’m folding it but should jump a bit when it finishes :)

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