WeView Verdict: Killzone 3

After last week’s lacklustre response to the WeView feature on Split/Second Velocity, we picked a game we knew was sure to spark some interest. Killzone 3 is the PlayStation 3’s exclusive FPS flagship and it gained a fair amount of critical praise when it was released back in February with its current Metacritic rating sitting at a very respectable 84.

In our own review of the game, we awarded it an enthusiastic 9/10 with Alex stating that “it’s not perfect, but it’s smart enough to know that, instead offering a ballistic run-through that’ll keep you busy until it’s complete.”

But what did you think? Well, there were fifteen people who were keen enough to have their opinions counted with the overal response to the game a positive one.

BIGAL_1992 managed to be very succinct in his summary of the game, getting straight to the positives:

A top-notch shooter with meaty gameplay, weighty yet fluid controls, lush graphics, a surprisingly engaging storyline and a first-class multiplayer.

Other’s where not quite so enthusiastic about the storyline with EldavO going so far as to say “While the actual storyline is nonsense, the campaign is excellently paced with a good mix of stealth sections, on-rails setpieces and hollywood blockbuster moments.” He also points out that his “first playthrough only took [him] about 6 hours but it was enjoyable enough for [him] to crank up the difficulty and start playing again after the credits rolled.”

Cartman_101 points out what he thinks is a backwards step for the graphics in comparison to Killzone 2 but he does note that “The color palette has also changed from a dark greyish one to much more vibrant , lush one, which is quite good and adds much more life into the levels.” Something that MuggleMind agreed with, calling them “fuzzier” and assuming that visuals were kept in check to make room for the 3D implementation.

Of course, any serious look at the game, this long after release, would have to feature some commentary on the multiplayer and in this respect teflon has us covered:

Multiplayer’s aggravating for KZ2 veterans. So much of it has changed, and little for the outright better. If you come from outside of KZ2, you’ll likely love it, though. I ‘m disappointed GG couldn’t find a better middle ground.

Some people, however, really enjoyed the multiplayer with yl_ksaa saying “Multiplayer is why this game is best FPS out there” and boiler calling it “the jewel in the crown of Killzone”. El_Mariachi noted the thing that all great multiplayer games manage by pointing out how compelling it was:

I am still terrible at the MP, but I keep coming back for more, in the hope that this time I will be a bit better, and get that one “awesome kill” that I look for in every match.

Most comparisons, interestingly, weren’t with contemporary FPS games like the latest Call of Duty or even the Halo games, they were with this game’s predecessor. Roynaldo‘s best summary of the game was to say “Lets just say it isn’t Killzone 2, not by a long way”. That sentiment was echoed throughout many of the reviews you posted, with Mickey2010 pointing out the differences in difficulty too:

I remember the final battle on Killzone 2 against Visari; it was tough… I spent about an hour or more trying to beat it. KZ3, I walked through with ease!

On the whole, you noted some shortfalls in the game but generally thought it was well worth playing, with the majority of ratings (10) firmly urging us to Buy It and a spattering of people (4) saying we should pick it up in the Bargain Bin. There was one review that didn’t use the correct rating system so couldn’t be counted but even that review gave the game 8.5/10.

The final WeView rating for Killzone 3 was Buy It.



  1. I bought all the map packs, something that never happened with CoD. Must mean st.

  2. In my opinion KZ3 is a great game that has very good visuals.It also not similar to KZ2.The length of the campaign is very disappointing together with the difficulty.Still liked it.Good game though.

  3. Best fps available to date. Period.

  4. Best fps out there to date. Fact! Awesome game….

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