Some Final Fantasy Type-0 Details

Square Enix’s upcoming PSP game was promised for this summer but has probably been delayed until autumn. That’s a small delay which is bound to disappoint but it sounds very much like the game is worth waiting for.

Of course, the Western release is likely to be later still, possibly pushing it behind the release of the PSVita. That might be a shame for a PSP game as it will lose some of the limelight that, if touted features pay off, it richly deserves.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, the game will contain 14 main characters (reduced from a massive 40!), feature elements of control from fighting games – including move cancel – and up to 100 hours of gameplay if gamers want to see all the content. Apparently there’s 30-40 hours in the core game and plenty more to experience outside of that.

All things considered, it sounds like a very promising title.

Source: Andriasang translating FF-Reunion.



  1. I have not heard of this game. 30-40 hours is a bit short for a FF game. I hope the main characters will be well developed and have an excellent backstory to them. I don’t like the sound of it borrowing elements from fighting games. But 100hours of gameplay,now that is a FF game. I hope Square releases some trailers and screenshots for it soon.

    • Well if it borrows from fighting games at least I’ll be press move then just the X button like FF13.

    • They haven’t done well developed characters since FFX in my humble opinion.

    • @Steven, This was originally Agito XIII, that’s why. It only recently changed name.

  2. First I’ve heard of this – trailer on Youtube looks rather interesting. Now officially very interested. Apart from MGS Portable Ops, I think every title I’ve bought recently for the PSP has been from Square Enix.

  3. If they releases it on psn store for a good price i will probably buy it so i can play it on PSV too.

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