7 Minutes Of Call Of Juarez: The Cartel

Effing video of the muddy-funster game.

Ubisoft have released seven minutes of video taken from the revamped Call Of Juarez franchise. The game has moved from an old west setting to a present day city so instead of cowboy shoot-outs we get night clubs and the opportunity to punch a hoody in the face.

The video also has cracking section destined for the ‘awesomely bad game dialogue’ file; “Your ass-hole attitude makes me think that something illegal is going on in there, and that gives us probable cause!”

Warning: The video contains rather a lot of swearing, in fact it sets the record for cursing in a game preview, it seems like every other word is a muddy-funster f-bomb.


Source: YouTube


  1. How much do you want to bet they recycled a few levels from the other 2 games and just gave them a modern look. At this point it’s clear Ubi has become a one-game publisher, it’s like the only game they give a damn about is Assassin’s Creed, where’s Ghost Recon, where’s Rainbow 6, or any other Ubi game people want to actually buy and play.

    • To be fair, Ghost Recon is coming and does look pretty sweet. I take your point though, I used to buy a lot of Ubisoft titles but its rare for me to pick one up these days. One that is definatley on my list is the new Far Cry :)

  2. Looks pants. Enjoyed the the last game to a point, The old west setting was the only thing that kept me returning to finish it. shame they got rid of their best selling point.

  3. will probably get it to make a better judgement. what pisses me of the most is Ubisoft pushed Splinter Cell Trilogy back again it was supposed to release on the same day as this now it is September the 23rd bet they did it so this would sell.

  4. Might pick this up actually. Doesn’t look world-changing but could be an enjoyable playthrough :)

  5. Well that looked like shit.

  6. Truly shocking, what a load of crap.

  7. I’m glad i saw that video, as this piece of shit is now off my rental list.

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