Bollywood Movie ‘Ra.One’ To Be PS3 Game

Forthcoming Hindi science-fiction superhero film, Ra.One, is to be turned in to a PSN game. The film stars Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor who will lend their voices to the game which will serve as a prequel to the movie. The press release makes the game sound very exciting;

Displaying six unique characters and more than 20 game play environments from the ‘RA.ONE Universe’, the game entails multi-player action levels, including a robust set of assorted game mode options; it allows gamers to participate in infinite numbers of challenging matches.

Excellent PR blurb but what type of game is it? A shooter? Puzzle? Dance? Little can be gathered from the movie plot, which resembles Tron in reverse;


Attempting to connect with his teenage son, a Game Designer creates the ultimate videogame Villain. When the villainous program becomes self-aware, it escapes from the game and kills the father. Now hunted by the digital demon because he’s the only player to ever defeat him, the Boy must extract the game’s hero – designed in his father’s image – from its cyber-world for protection. Together, the unlikely duo bond form a relationship they never shared as father and son while stopping the villain’s plan to enslave the world.

A team from SCEE in London are working on the game and it is due for launch in September in India and ‘Key Markets’.

Source: The Movie Trailer / Indian Television




  1. Its a Bollywood game so it will have random dance elements every 20 minutes.
    I’ve managed to generally avoid my wife’s film collection, I don’t want her getting Bollywood games too….

    • Damn! You got there first (shakes fist at the sky…)

  2. OMG! Call of Duty with spontaneous coreography for killstreaks!

    • My killstreak setup would be Moonwalk/the-running-man/Jazz-hands

      • Can’t go wrong with a running-man-to-jazz-hands combo.

      • I think it would be the “Nuke” equivalent :)

      • Team match has got to involve the Thriller Dance

      • ^ which would make Ground War = disco, and Team Tactical = ballroom dacing.

  3. Thanks, but no effing thanks…..

  4. Effing 50-50 chance of being good.

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