PS3 To Get Street Cricket Game

Earlier this month, PlayStation India released a game based on Ra One, a new bollywood production with a plot that sounds like Tron in reverse, lots of dancing and squeaky voiced popster Akon on the soundtrack.

The game is slated for international release so we may see it in Europe and I have seen a few clips in which the menu text is in English. While discussing the game, PlayStation India boss Atindriya Bose also announced a ‘street cricket game’ for India for the end of this month.


India is a growing market for PlayStation with Singstar Bollywood shifting an impressive 425,000 units, although Bose said that it “is tricky to sell a gaming device to Indian parents who think it is a distraction.”

Source: Business Standard



  1. Street cricket in India would be mental. Perfect game for them to sell more consoles though? Loving that Bose quote… Hilarious.

  2. India is a market that really has a potential to be big. Sony should really focus on supporting this region.

  3. a lot of Indian stuff is actually in English. For example, pretty much every Indian website I have ever seen is in the language. Nice to see Sony investing in a market that clearly has potential in terms of sales and upcoming development talent.

  4. See now this kind of game would go hand in hand with the ‘playstation dust’…sorry move. I doubt they’ll bother though.

  5. Let me provide a local perspective. I’ve lived in India for the last three years and brought my old fat playstation with me from the UK. I was originally worried about game availability out here but there has not been a single game I’ve wanted that I’ve missed. All are imported by a company called Milestone Interactive and they are all region 2. They retail through a site called game4u. Games are about £30 each which is fair and I often get them a couple of days before the UK release date.

    Due to cost the PS3 is not massive over here. Sony shops still have the PS2 centre stage due to it being cheaper. For that platform there are a number of games only available here. Not surprising given the country’s rich developer talent pool. Local PS3 games are a natural progression once the market reaches critical mass.

    That film, by the way, is advertised all over TV here. It’s the big Diwali release and is actually a complete rip off of Iron Man rather than Tron. When I say ‘complete’ I mean down to the power source that keeps him alive in centre of the chest.

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