First DC Universe Online Expansion Outed

During Sony Online Entertainment’s Vegas Fan Faire this past weekend, DC Universe Online creative director Jens Andersen lifted the lid on the super-powered MMO’s first paid expansion. Titled Fight for the Light the $10 download not only allows access to a cluster of new in-game instances including Farris Aircraft and Oa Science Cells, players will also have the ability to adopt “hard light constructs” as a new power type.


For those of you scratching your head, constructs are objects projected from power rings, similar to the ones worn by the Green Lantern/Yellow Lantern Corps. By focusing the power of will or fear (depending on whether you are a hero or villain) your character will be able to summon a variety of constructs such as miniguns, chainsaws, and whips to suppress enemy mobs, each possessing their own unique combos and play-style. Compared to the current gallery of powers available, hard light constructs sounds to be the most diverse and potentially most fun to play. So far there has been no indication as to when the expansion will be released, though we do know it will be available to both PC and PlayStation 3 subscribers.

It’s certainly a creative addition to what is already a unique and compelling MMO, however when a term like “expansion” is flung around, some would also expect the level cap to raise somewhat. In our full-written review, one of the only complaints leveled against the game was the time in which it took to max out characters (for us, two weeks of steady gameplay,) and it’s a shame this issue still hasn’t been addressed even six months after release.

Source: Press Release



  1. Does anyone know how many people are still playing this game? I hope its still keeping steady, since I love me some DC.

  2. I stopped playing once id maked out my character

  3. I am not renewing my subscription come the end of July when it expires. It was fun, but with everything else coming out I find I barely play it. Hopefully it will become free to play soon, then I might dip in again.

  4. Wanna play this but…..

  5. Servers are dead, game breaking bugs are still plentiful and now they are going to start charging for DLC when updates of this magnitude have previously been included in the subscription…… My sub expires at the end of the month and I won’t be renewing. I play weekly with a few mates and we’ve not managed a single session in months that hasn’t required at least two hard resets between us.

  6. i would love to play this again but because we have to pay monthly you feel you have to play it almost. the last month i didn’t play it at all so i cancelled my sub. i’d love to play it again but i’d prefer if it just went free for everything released so far and then relied on dlc and other perks for paid accounts.

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