What We Played #9

What We Played

We begin this week’s What We Played with some shocking news. Kris has been playing a pair of full retail games that are relatively contemporary! This is a dramatic break from his usual habits of sticking to older games and XBLA titles. Not only has he completed his playthrough of Portal 2 but he has also got about halfway through the latest Mortal Kombat’s story mode. Perhaps we should arrange him a match with Delriach? Should it happen then no, the bookie will not be taking bets with odds like those.

Speaking of Delriach, I was a little put out that he was playing Journey last week. He’s kept diplomatically quiet this week but Alex was only too happy to tell me that he has been playing hardly anything but Journey. Sony seem to have lost my invitation to the Journey beta in the post, presumably having put it in the same envelope as my Beyond Good And Evil HD refund.

Josh doesn’t want anyone to know that he is also wandering around Journey’s sand dunes, so keep it to yourselves. His main concern at the moment though is that playing on his PS3 has become more like the kind of game played in the movie Deliverance than normal video gaming, as his console has begun to frequently freeze up in that all too ominous way that slowly failing hardware tends to do. To fill the time whilst he lets his PS3 cool off he’s been enjoying the simulated ups and downs of the business world in RollerCoaster Tycoon.

[drop2]Describing his trials with UFC Personal Trainer as a “brutal kick to the nuts of [his] regular, rather more sedate gaming schedule”, Dan seemed to be going for the sympathy vote. No chance Dan. You see, Dan too has been playing the Journey beta and decided to rub the desert sands deeper into my wounds by adding that he is “beyond impressed with every single element of the game I have seen so far. Surely a contender for this years GoTY?”. I wouldn’t know Dan, would I?

Want to try and guess what Chris has been playing? That’s right, he’s been playing Warhawk the Journey beta too, which he describes as jaw dropping. I give up, I really do. Between sliding down Dunes he’s been playing the “amazing” Man Furismo Jive and the “sterile and bland” Brunswick Pro Bowling, whilst continuing to work his way through the PES 2011 Master League. He’s also found time for the the Uncharted 3 beta which, having persevered with for a while,  he’s now starting to get into, having not been too impressed with it to begin with.

I’ll let Tuffcub tell you about his gaming this week in his own inimitable style:

I started playing Medal Of Honor and about ten minutes in to the game and there is a section where the lights are out and it’s pitch black. “Follow me” commands military chap. I can’t. It’s dark. Ten frustrated tries later then game is winging its way back to Boomerang in disgust. I have since been told if you push down on the D-pad you get night vision goggles. Stupid game.

Apart from that I’ve been ‘playing’ YooStar 2 by replacing all the original lines of dialogue with smut and making Rizzo from Grease agree that blow jobs are great.

[drop]More important than any gaming update though is the latest Kitteh Kraving™ news. Extensive taste bud testing has revealed particular enjoyment of a main course consisting of Crispy Chilli Beef from the local Chinese takeaway followed by a palate-cleansing Creme Caramel for afters.

You may have read elsewhere on these pages that Blair has been playing Darksiders as, much to everyone’s surprise, he has been taking some time out from his Zelda Master Quest. Initially the idea was that he would be taking a break from Zelda to give himself time to indulge in the summer fruits which have recently fallen from the Steam tree for very reasonable prices.

That’s not how things have turned out though as most of his time has been spent with a handful of small indie titles such as Zen Bound 2, which he says is oddly addictive. Picking up Kris’ delayed-gaming mantle for the week he’s also finally got around to playing some Halo: Reach although he “can’t seem to be bothered to turn my Xbox on to continue… as per usual”. Non-Halo fans, you may have found a kindred spirit.

His final two game mentions match my own. Firstly, he too has been spurned by Sony as far as Journey beta invites go. Secondly, Blair’s been playing Cut The Rope on his iPhone. He “bought it 5 months ago but only now have I decided that I like it, completing all of the levels in a matter of days, I need more!” While I haven’t had time to complete all the levels yet, I’ve been playing it as well in the odd spare moment I’ve had this week, but being a ‘Droid-toting kind of person I got it free from GetJar. If you’ve got a ‘Droid it’s well worth the purchase price of £0.00p.  Who says the App Store is the cheapest place to get great games.

In recent weeks ever fewer of you have let us know what you’re playing and I can’t believe you’ve all stopped, so come on, what have YOU been playing?



  1. ive had a poor gaming week, mostly Gran Turismo 5 and the Uncharted 3 Beta on which i am up to level 19 on my main account and my brother (who is crap at gaming) is on level 25 and it amazing at it! shame its closed now, can’t wait til november

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