Meet the Folder: Roll Call

Hello all folders, I’m currently in the process of sorting out something folding related in the near future, I’ll have more details of that in the future. However, before I can get that rolling, I need some more people to take part in Meet the Folder.

So if you fold for us, and would like to take part, send me an email to Jas-n [at] SonyFanatic [dot] com with “Meet the Folder” as the subject and we’ll get things moving.

To qualify, all you have to do is:

  • Regularly fold (we’d say at least one WU per week).
  • Fold for TheSixthAxis’ Team (Team 78731).
  • Be registered to TSA.
  • Be able to use a keyboard.

So get those emails in. The sooner they’re in the sooner I can announce these plans.

If you’re not currently folding, you can follow the guides on the forum to help you get started in the fight to cure diseases of the world.

Bye for now.


  1. I’m intrigued by the future folding revelation and i hope the lack of comments means people chose instead to email you :)

  2. Also got some prizes sorted out… I think I’ve said to much.

  3. I remember doing a whole lot of folding for when my friend got, well, a certain disease nearly a year ago, but I haven’t done it much since. Setting it up on my computer now :)

  4. How long does one WU usually take on the PS3?? Time is the only thing that stops me folding.

    • 6 to 8 hours. Start it up before you go to bed or before you leave for work and set it to automatically shut down after one unit. It will be nicely cooled down for your daily PS3 session when you awake/return.

    • As TSABonyman and DeadlyChipmunk (below) says, the PS3’s WU’s are designed specifically to be done overnight, so your PS3 is free for gaming all day.
      They did take 8 hours, but after some optimisation, it now takes about 6h 30m.

    • 5 hour 45 mins

  5. PS3 has special units that always take 6 hours so you can fold overnight and set it to turn off. Defo the best way to get start :)

    • That’s exactly what I do, set it to fold after I’ve finished gaming and to turn off when it’s done. Also have my PC set to fold on two cores.

    • You’re folding like a trooper mate! What are you folding with to get so many WU’s done?

      • *Censored for a future Meet the Folder article* – AG

      • No wonder then! Would be interesting to see how many points/WU’s that server would pump out.

      • You were supposed to tell him to wait and see… :P

      • Sorry Jas-n, bit stupid of me and I can’t even edit it :-(

      • Edited ;)

      • \o/ Awesome, many thanks.

  6. I apologise for being cynical but does this really help in curing disease’s?!

    • It helps the research.

    • According to Wikipedia, “folding@home distributed simulations of folding are demonstrably accurate” and ” as of nov 23, 2010 seventy-eight research papers have been published using the project’s work.”
      It has also allowed them to analyse simulations thousands of times longer than previously thought possible.

    • If all else it’s friendly competition between teams and team members, with a side of progress.

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