Meet the Folder: DeadlyChipmonk

For the 5th Folding article of the week, DeadlyChipmunk who’s seemingly came from nowhere and dashed AG2-too-many-numbers’ hope of moving further up the leaderboard. For that we welcome him and thank him, for making AG2297’s performance look a little worse.

Member Profile

Name: Jason Lucas (Jase)
Username: DeadlyChipmunk
Age: 39
Location: Doncaster

Folding Questions

There are several different reasons why people run Folding@home, be it experience with one of the diseases folding aims to cure, just helping out, or just for community status. But what got you into folding and for TheSixthAxis’ Team?

I’ve been reading TheSixthAxis website for sometime now and when I saw the July stats along with the article for AG2297, it made me wonder how much I can contribute and get into the top 100.

There are several different platforms that folding@home can be run on (PS3, PC, MAC), what platforms do you use to fold?

1 x PS3 (160GB Slim)
1 x PC (SMP and GPU client running on Windows 7 (64 bit))

Some people get worried about using the PS3 to fold because they’re worried about their PS3 dying on them. As a guide, how long do you fold on your PS3 for, and in which mode?

I usually set it going before I go to bed and either leave it to shutdown after 1 WU or to carry on during the day. Always in advanced mode.

The Folding@home software on the PS3 has evolved over the past few years, bringing in Music playback and most prominently Life with PlayStation. Is there anything that could be added to improve the experience? Or is there something that you would like to be removed from Life with PlayStation?

I’d like to see the Passkey introduced and a console version that doesn’t do all the graphics. Not bothered about the music as I’m not around to listen to it.

There may be some people who might think that their hardware isn’t powerful enough for whichever reason. What Specification are you running folding@home on?

CPU – Athlon II X2 250 @ 3Ghz with 4GB ram

GPU – Nvidia 8800GTS 320MB

HP DL360 G5 2.5Ghz Quad core server 8GB (Temp retired)

There will be people from the TSA community that will read this who don’t currently “fold”, is there anything you’d like to say to those members?

There’s nothing better than watching your position increase in both the Team and the Overall table. For me this is the thing that I’m most addicted to.

User Stats

Team Rank Project Rank Weekly Points Total Points Work Units Next Overtake
24/07/2011 34 54,345 55,018 96,641 1,055 SeaBeorn
24/07/2012  4 2,836,331 Jas-n

We need you
If you would like to feature in a future Meet the Folder post, please drop an email to Jas-n [at] SonyFanatic [dot] com with the subject “Meet the Folder“.

We’d like to thank Jase for his time in answering our questions.


  1. Upto 28th place now and storming along, although I think RedStarGlow is safe at the top spot :)

    Next team overtake, NVIDIA!!! :D

    • I’ve been looking over my shoulder for a month now with you bearing down on me.

      And are you sure that’s all the hardware you’ve got? 27 WU’s in one day on Wednesday! or is it just the GPU having small work units?

      • Oh, forgot to add that well done on storming past me (and the countless others!)

    • No one is safe!

  2. Spelled his name wrong in the headline guys :P

  3. Vandix is my next target. I should leap over iiekka in no time. God bless the turbine in my front room.

  4. I forgot to mention the dodgy spelling :-)

    My hardware did get a boost last week from a DL380 G7 server running a hexa-core processor. This was doing 3 WU’s at a time ;-) I’m now back to the quad but just set a second instance running to see if it can cope.

    I think my gpu clients been doing small units but i’ve spotted the advmethods tick box now so see how it goes.

    I love folding :-)

  5. I’m not sure exactly what you mean by a Passkey but a ‘graphics-free’ console version might squeeze out some extra work units, good idea! I would be content with just the work in progress text as visual feedback.(although the globe is kinda cool if you’re the sort who likes to chill and listen to music while folding ) Nice to meet you DeadChipmunk!

    • *DeadlyChipmunk.. :)

      • Nice to meet TheSixthAxis folding team :-) Wish I’d started sooner now, but I am wondering what my next hardware upgrade might be to speed things up :-P

      • Anything to over-take RSG, he’s been ahead way to long now -_-

    • The Passkey is to tie WU’s directly to you, which saves people cheating and folding in your name, although I would have thought that’s just kindness rather than cheating.

      • Thanks Jason, i can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that but i guess it could also be used to link an individual folder to a specific result that might be achieved from a work unit they have processed.

  6. My arch nemesis! :P

    But seriously, it has been great to see you jump up the ranks Mr Chipmunk. I have also as of an hour ago started delving into GPU folding so I’ll see if I can increase a bit with that but I wont get close to the amounts you have been pumping out!

    Also don’t forget you can join us in the forum thread for the folding talk :)

    • Dude your article is what made me start :-) Figured if he can jump so high in 30 days then I’ll set my sights on catching him up and I couldn’t stop after lol!

      • That’s the power of Folding.
        Nice to meet you.

      • A perfect example of what these folding articles are for.

      • That genuinely makes me happy :). I’m glad my folding has spurred others to fold.

        How many points are you getting from the GPU by the way? I’m currently looking into whether my GPU will increase my PPD but finding it very hard to measure due to the amount of CPU it also grabs. I’m putting my thoughts down in the forum over it too.

      • From what I’ve read it’s about 4500 – 4700 PPD for the 8800GTS but I’m just looking at upgrading to the GTX460 and either the 1gb MSI version or the 768mb ASUS. Bit more research is needed first :)

        I’ve just kicked off 4 more instances of the Console client on my “borrowed” six core server. It could probably run a couple more as it’s only running at about 40% CPU :)

  7. Alot of that flew over my head, but nice to meet you all the same:) Keep up the good work.

    • Glad someone else said that!

      All the talk about core processors CPUs GPUs and R2d2’s goes straight over my head lol

      Another great meet the folder!

      Well done for storming up the table,

  8. DeadlyChimpmunk – What you need is a Folding Rig with 2-4 GPUs. That will close the gap between us and FORCE me to follow suit and might even drag a few others into Folding Rigs. Then Our daily totals will look a lot like our current weekly totals!

    Good to see you moving to the top.

    • “…might even drag a few others into Folding Rigs.”
      *Orders 12*

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