PSN Hack Led To Uncharted LAN Mode

Justin Richmond, Director of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3, has revealed an interesting side effect of the PSN Hack. The development team needed to continue to work on the game during the PSN outage so created a LAN mode for multi-player.

“As a developer, one of the things is, you want to keep playing the game,” said Justin, “And so, actually, one of the positive outshoots from [the PSN hack] was that we got LAN. So our programmers sat down and said, ‘OK, how can we continue to work?’ And so they hooked up the LAN gameplay mode and now we’re shipping with that. So lemons to lemonade.”

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will join a very small number of PS3 games with a LAN mode – will you use it?

Source: Industry Gamers



  1. Nope

    • Short ‘n’ Sweet! Same here

      • I haven’t used it before but might use it in the future.

  2. I would have last year as there were 5 PS3s in the house!

    Probably will a bit in the future too. More LAN needed.

    • Likewise. LAN zombies is awesome, lag-free multiplayer at its best

      • The +ve about LAN play is the absence of lag.


  4. Every online game should have a LAN mode.

    Why? Because servers get switched off for all games eventually and having this means the multiplayer remains playable if there are no split-screen options.

    You can “tunnel” LAN modes over the internet using software like XLink Kai ( there is no need for a LAN option to mean local multiplayer only.

  5. I can guarantee the LAN mode will get used more than the online component at my house. As much as I love playing online from time to the time I just don’t find the PSN reliable enough so would prefer just plug a load of consoles into a switch for some non-stop gaming :)

    • Probably worth changing your ISP or router then. PSN is perfectly reliable.

      • Both are fine (at least they are for every other device on my home network), its just a common fact the PSN is a little flakey, hence the lack of price tag ;)

      • PSN works fine for me.

    • PSN works fine for me…

    • PSN isnt “flakey”. It went down once. Apart from that, its perfectly fine. It just dosent have as many extra features as live.

    • You’re definitely wrong. I’ve never lost connection to psn except when it has been my own fault. So you may want to look at your setup if you find it “flakey”.

    • Every time i’ve played on PSN it has worked perfectly. The only time it didn’t work so well was back when i got my PS3 and my NAT setting was too high in my modem but after i got that lowered it’s worked fine. I don’t even understand why some people keep saying PSN isn’t so good i think it’s excellent

    • Dave has a very good point and it’s worth noting. Some of the more notable members of TSA have struggled with the PSN every time they/we try to get online. The biggest culprit being GTA but even with LittleBigPlanet, it’s been a nightmare. I love my PS3 but that doesn’t stop me pointing at it and saying “why?” when something goes wrong.

      From my iPhone to my PC to my flat-mate’s laptop to my flat-mate’s Xbox – we never, EVER have any trouble. I’ve changed ISPs recently too and it’s still the PS3. It’s been an absolute bitch trying to get several of us together.

      • Try giving your PS3 a static IP address and placing your PS3 in a DMZ. this tends to sort out plenty of connection issues.

      • Cheers, fella. The advice will be passed on as we found a wired connection (as oppose to wifi) sorted out a lot but yet things persisted in the hair-tearing-out phase.

        The fact that you even had to mention DMZ and static IP highlights the problem in itself. Your average consumer shouldn’t even have to deal with things like this, let alone know about the acronyms!

        Your suggestion is lovely. It’s just a bit crap when people are historically having trouble again and again and it seems to be with the PS3 more than other devices. Sure, not for everyone but trends form and highlight issues.

      • What is your NAT level? If it’s 3 then it won’t work so well. Does your modem/router have UPnP if it does put that on it should drop it to at least 2

      • Hurray, not just me then! :D
        Don’t get me wrong, I love that the PSN is free, but there is no way its as stable as Xbox’s premium service.

    • There’s nothing wrong with PSN, it is reliable as Xbox Live, blame the game not PSN. Blame your ISP or the router.

      Lack of price tag? So…..

  6. It’s a good feature because it will be used by some poeple but it won’t be used at all in my house but i’m not about to start slagging Naughty Dog off just because they’ve implemented something that’s going to be no use to me.

  7. Led.

  8. This will hail the return of spit screens at LAN events?

    • I just pictured a ‘spit screen’ … Yuck! :)

  9. LBP needs LAN more, if you have multiple PS3’s in the house, you could play with all the family without being with them, sorry, and have your own screen, rather than Uncharted is less of a casual game, so less people in the house would want to play. That and the horrendous lag that I get (seeing as mine’s a US title, I presume it tries connecting to the overseas servers then back.

    • TEKKEN 6 gets worse lag…

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