LIMBO: A Year Later And Still Sublime On PS3

It’s almost a year to the day that I first reviewed LIMBO – at that time it was an Xbox 360 exclusive and there were no signs that it would appear on any other platforms – yet here we are, talking about the all new released-today PlayStation 3 version after a brief playtest by the team overnight.

[drop2]The first thing that hits you is that the game’s identical to the Xbox 360 – this is obviously great news for those of you without a 360 because it means you’re not missing out on anything.

But for everyone that already splashed out on the game last year there’s little reason to purchase this version as well apart from whispers of a new ‘section’ to play through – at the time of writing this blog we don’t know how big that section is.

However, if you’re looking to grab some Trophies which are, as before, hidden away off the beaten track so as not to spoil the game’s moody, monochrome visage then there’s always that.

But don’t let that put you off – as we said last year LIMBO is one of the best games ever to hit this current generation of consoles, the simple controls (move, jump and interact) mean that anyone can play but the progressive difficulty level and particuraly gruesome death scenes mean that it’s certainly not for kids.

The graphics are a delight, though – deeply stylised with a lovely noise filter but sporting some brilliant animation and a real sense of dread – not bad with just black and white.  And the audio too, ambient but oppressive, is worthy of note.

The hype around this game last year was palpable, it was one of those games that everyone was talking about and everyone I knew had to play – there’s stacks to discuss, loads of subtle contexts to pick up on and an ending that had me thinking for weeks to come.

And sure, the first half is better than the last, but this is still a must-have.

LIMBO’s released on PlayStation 3 today.



  1. Looking forward to see if it can live up to the hype.

    • Oh hell. TC… I’m not trying to “call it” as such but there’s every chance you might return with a “what’s everyone on about?” comment.

      I really hope you like it, though.

      • I dont think I will, it looks like the kind of thing I like – odd, weird games. Most important, it’s not ‘shiny’.

        Ipads are shiny. Portal 2 is shiny. Shiny things betwitch people and they cannot see past the shiny and notice that that shiny masks unremarkable product – they dont care, because it’s SHINY.

        Shiny is good. Love the shiny. Everyone else has shiny, so you must too. Be a sheep – buy shiny today!

      • Portal 2 was brilliant and there are lots of brilliant shiny things, but I agree about the general point behind instances of “Oooh, a shiny turd”. That said, placing emphasis on something being “not shiny” is just as daft. In many cases, that “not shiny” things turns out to be a turd as well…

      • *things = thing

      • Ah, cool, fella. Glad you’re going in with a positive mind and really hope you come out of it with a “wow” feel to it all. :-)

  2. Can’t believe its been a year since I felt a little jealous of 360 for the only time ever. Definitely buying this, though it’ll have to wait til Monday when I get paid. I won’t be trying the demo though, would rather just go straight into it.

    • There’s only been 2 times since i got my ps3 that i’ve been jealous of 360 owners. This and Mass Effect 2.

  3. Any idea when this is out on the PC then?

    • Did a little research and then checked the Limbo site and they’ve updated it with the Steam logo and have it pegged as the 2nd of August. Yay!

      Slinky Linky

      • Yeah I did the same and it’s out in my birthday ;)

  4. Grabbed the demo (94mb) last night as i couldn’t wait. Must remember to top up my wallet today. US price is $14.99 but ps+ is $11.99. Hopefully the currency conversion will be kind to us.

    • It’s €12.99 with a 20% discount for Plusites. So, €10.39?

      Or £9.99/£7.99 I’d say.

  5. Downloading this as soon as I get home! Damn, wish I had my PSP for remote access so it could be downloaded for when I get in :(

    • Hey Youles – OT but can you check if your MW2 leaderboard issue is resolved?

      • Sure…but after 7pm once I’ve put my son to bed! :)

        What’s your PSN ID, I’ll send you a message?

        Do you know something I don’t, have DemonWare sorted the issue?

      • Just checked IW forum and someone else said they are working! I hope they are synced with the Barracks, opposed to just working again, as I’ve got quite a few kills since the leaderboards froze!

      • La la la … nothing to see here …

      • I’m actually not aware of the issue. I just saw on twitter someone say that leaderboards were updated and thought you’d be interested.

      • Thanks for looking out…much appreciate. Trying to stay on topic…I shall check this out AFTER playing Limbo! :)

        Thanks again

  6. I played the demo on XBLA and it really was an amazing experience, can’t wait to get my hands on the full version today!

  7. I played this on my xbox last year and loved it.

  8. dont care what it will cost me!!! this one is MINE!!!

    • exactly, looking forward to playing this!

  9. I loved LIMBO on my 360. My justification for purchasing this again is that I sold my 360 about 6 months ago.

    Does anyone know the PS plus discount on it?

    • There’s a US discount and an EU one was hinted at last week.

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