PixelJunk Monsters Coming To Browsers

According to our friends at PSNStores (Twitter link), the rather sublime and devlishly addictive PixelJunk Monsters, a unique take on the Tower Defense genre, is heading to web browsers and/or social networks.

The news comes from Casual Connect, where one of the PSNStores team is attending.


The original game, developed by Dylan Cuthbert’s Q Games, was previously available on PlayStation 3 and on PSP in an upgraded, all encompassing ‘Deluxe‘ iteration.

It’s a brilliant game, and we can’t wait to try out this new version which is apparently going to be free to play, will feature new levels, new monsters and the ability to plant trees, dramatically changing the dynamics.

We’ll update with details as they come in.

PSNStores website is here, news via GAF.



  1. Yeay! :D

  2. Worst of the Pixeljunk games by a long way.

    • *gasps*

    • Whaaaaaat? It’s the best Pixeljunk game by miles. Best game on my PS3.

    • I have to agree.

    • Please troll explain yourself or we shall release the Bunimomike onto you?
      Nah seriously though, what didn’t you like? I’ve just redownloaded it to try and 100% the trophys.
      I’m thinking of getting Racer but i’m not sure.

  3. I will be pleasantly surprised if it works with the PS3 browser.

    • Was gonna say that….

    • Chris from PSNStores here. It is flash based… so maybe.

      • Ah, i was thinking it might use a special browser game engine and not be Flash based. There are a few Flash games that play quite well in the ps3 browser so you’re absolutely right Chris… maybe ;-)

    • I can’t trust it… I’d hate to lose progress haha

    • Surely can’t be long until browser’s brought into the 21st century. Saying that, I have a conflicting feeling it may not happen this gen.

  4. If I can play this at college, then brilliant

    As great potential as an alternative time-waster.

  5. Love this game. Is this the first step to Pixeljunk becoming multi platform?

  6. Absolutely adore PJ Monsters so this is a most welcome snippet of news.

  7. Just played this the other night, since a long time. It surprised me to see what a brilliant game this still is, and the trophy challenges are really quite monstrous indeed :)

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