Bundles of Joy: Uncharted

Today sees the European release of three new “Double Packs” for the PlayStation 3. This re-releasing of old classics looks like a winning strategy for Sony who have got a couple of very strong franchises just about ready to hit their next instalments.

Uncharted, Resistance and Ratchet & Clank are all getting two-game bundles at budget prices so we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at some of the games which are being re-released. First up, the treasure hunting adventures of Nathan Drake and company.

[drop2]Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune wasn’t a launch game for Sony’s over-powered (and, let’s be honest, under-supported in the post-launch months) console, so it missed out on the eager early adopters who sampled everything they could in the slower months. It released almost exactly a year after the North American PS3 launch and was seen as Sony’s great hope for the holiday season in 2007. A subsequent trophy patch, Platinum release and the hype built around the release of the second game in the series ensured that this was a game most PlayStation fans experienced at some point.

Nate Drake gave the PlayStation brand its own loveable rogue hero. Not as brash or lumbering as the Gears of War crew his cover-based hijinks riffed on and not the faceless stoic superhero that Master Chief represented. Drake was something new for video games – a believable, likeable everyman that we could fully empathise with.

Uncharted: Among Thieves had the eyes of the gaming world firmly fixed upon it after an extremely strong showing at E3, several months before release. In particular, the falling office building and train sections garnered much critical praise and PlayStation fans were rightly excited to have one of the best games available anywhere this generation on their chosen console.

This game, more than any other, pushed videogames and cinematography closer together. The filmic quality of the camera angles, character interplay and scene framing gave Drake’s second outing a much more polished, upmarket feel. The addition of multiplayer (with its own movie-making mode) gave players a reason to keep returning. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Uncharted: Among Thieves still stands proud as one of the best games we’ve seen this generation.



  1. Loved both of these games more than anything else I have played on PS3. Can’t wait for the third installment.

  2. Like many, I just downloaded as any demos as possible when I first got my Playstation, and Uncharted happened to be one of them. With the words ‘Naughty Dog’ in the description, how couldn’t it be? Anyway, 10 minutes of the demo, experiencing the shadows and water graphics and easy, fluid controls, it did more than enough to warrant a purchase. Since then, the game has sat proudly, along with it’s sequel, on my gaming shelf, occasionally returned to between big game releases. They truly are untradeable.

  3. I won’t be buying any of the three packs but they are great news for those only just adopting the PS3 system.

  4. Shamefully, I never owned these games before today. Thank crikey for this pack then…

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