Catherine Finds a PAL Publisher


In some rather excellent news, Deep Silver has entered into an agreement with Atlus to bring the highly anticipated Catherine to Europe.

Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver, had the following to say:

“We are very proud to be able to publish Catherine in all PAL territories as a Deep Silver game. Catherine is something new, fresh and exciting; unlike anything else in the gaming world – a unique mixture of genres. This agreement proves once again that games published under the Deep Silver label are not ‘more of the same’, ‘run of the mill’ productions.”

No release date as of yet, but the main thing is that it’s actually coming over!

Source: Press Release


  1. Yes!

    Although if it’s going to be too long I’ll probably hunt down a US import

  2. This game sounds like a genuine original (rare these days) and I look forward to full reviews of the full PAL/English language version, if indeed it is any different to the US release.

  3. i’ve gone of the game a bit since the demo, but still it’s good to see it getting an eu release.

  4. Cool….although I still don’t know loads about this, only that it has sheep (I think), and I’m a sheep when it comes to buying weird games so will preorder regardless based on the hype! :)

  5. win! I’ve already pre-ordered an import as my partner loves Shin Megami Tensi and will probably explode if she doesn’t play it. I loved the demo too. Persona 3 and 4 were the last games I bought for the ps2 (and PSP when I *had* to buy p3p) and were both a stunning end to that consoles generation

  6. Good news, although I have already bought & paid for a US import version (damn my impatience). Good to know that the EU market’ll get a chance to play it without any additional effort to track a copy down.

  7. Klemens Kundratitz?! Sounds like a character from a carry on film.

  8. As this isn’t a sequel, does that mean it’s going to bomb??

    Depends on the advertising i suppose (of which i don’t think will be a big campaign tbh).

    • Wouldn’t have thought you’d be able to pick it up in supermarkets so it will probably be online only as even GAME/GameStation probably won’t have more than a couple of copies.

      Marketing budget ‘buys’ your way into supermarkets/specialists ‘top 20’s’ which snowballs sales somewhat, without advertising or marketing clout it will purely be available to people who know about it and pro-actively hunt it down

  9. Still don’t know hardly anything about this apart from the fact that it is extremelly wierd. Hopefully a demo will appear on the store as the US had one.

  10. Woohoo! Best news I’ve heard all day! Well done ‘Deep Silver’, whoever you are.

    • They’re the publishers of Dead Island, and a host of PC titles.

    • and the fated Ascaron.. I think? any they published SAcred 2 and it was l;ike the greatest game ever.

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