TSA’s Folding Week: Introduction

This week, we thought we’d give [email protected] a big push and try to get as many new people folding as possible. So over the next 7 days we’re bringing you seven posts that’ll hopefully get you interested, if you’re not already taking part for this great cause.


But what’s a special week without a special incentive? Which is why good old uncle ‘Blue has supplied us with £15 worth of Amazon vouchers, another way of getting you all involved, even if you don’t have a PS3. We’ve also been allowed to dish out some TSA points. So here’s the prize breakdown:

  1. £10 Amazon voucher.
  2. £5 Amazon voucher.
  3. 100 TSA points.

Taking Part

As always with folding competitions, there’s only one way you can participate: over the next week (before Sunday’s post), you’ll need to have submitted a work unit. Don’t worry about telling us when you’ve submitted, we’ll be able to tell from your official stats (linked from here).

If you’re new to folding you’ll need to configure the relevant client with your TSA user name and our team number (78731).

As always, if you need any help with any folding related queries, pop over to the folding thread and we’ll be happy to sort you out.

So, hopefully this week will spark your interest in folding and we hope you’ll enjoy the next week of folding-related content.



  1. Hope I get lucky in the draw!

  2. Folding now!

  3. could somebody please explain what folding at home is ??
    never quite got it

    • It’s an app that you can get for either your PS3 or PC/Mac and basically you leave it running for a few hours, in which time the app does loads of fancy calculations that I know nothing about, then at the end of it the calculations are sent off to Stanford University in the US where they’re used to help develop cures for diseases and things like that. Hope that helps. :)

      • eh?*stares at the last drop of strongbow*thanks for clearing that up?

  4. Crumbs i’m a third of the way through a 10000 WU. :(

  5. For science!

  6. Instant karma while you sleep folks.. get in there! :)

  7. I’ll fold but the fans on my PS3 sound like they are gonnna drop off, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner!

    • Have you tried using a hoover on it, preferably a Dyson.

  8. I’ve haven’t, the more i put on the 500GB HDD so the sound of the fans seemed to get worse

    • Give it a good hoovering, it should clean out all the dust that’s reducing the airflow which increases the fan speed to try and get rid of more hot air. The more powerful (latest Dyson) the better.

      • Mine could do with a good hoovering, haven’t done it for a while.

      • I’ve never hoovered mine… it’s over two years old! Now where does the wife keep it? ;)

      • I’ve had my phat PS3 for 3 or 4 years now and never did that.
        I’m supposed to just vacuum it from the fan holes or is it a disassemble/vacuum/assemble it affair?
        Not that the fans are any noisier than usual… I think.

      • Nevermind, found out it’s just vacuuming from the outside. Will do next time i clean the house :)

  9. Oooohhh nice! Good luck to all you other folders!! :D

  10. I’ve already started folding for the tsa team, only managed 2 wus but I keep forgetting to put it on when I go to bed. I will get better, I promise!

    • If you go to the icon and press triangle you can set it to auto-start after 10 mins, that way all you have to remember to do is turn it on, and it’ll automatically start-up.

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