Brink’s Agents of Change DLC Dated

Brink’s ‘Agents of Change’ DLC has been dated. Xbox owners and Steam users can expect it on August 3rd, whilst the PS3 will be getting it on August 4th. It will be free for the first two weeks.

As well as a level cap increase (to 24), the DLC will include the following:


New Maps

  • Founders’ Tower – The revolution finally reaches the island’s iconic spire and takes the battle for the Ark to dizzying heights.
  • Labs – Venture into the depths of the Ark’s original research and development laboratories, a submerged high-tech facility so far untouched by the civil war.

New Player Abilities

  • UAV – This stealthy and lethal device allows Operatives to automatically mark nearby enemies on their radar. For more explosive fun, they can even take direct control of the UAV and detonate it near unsuspecting foes.
  • Napalm Grenade – Soldiers can use this new grenade to cover an area in a sea of deadly flames.
  • Pyro Mine – Engineers can plant these mines and leave enemies in the epicenter of a massive napalm explosion.
  • Field Regen Unit – Medics can deploy these units to increase the health regeneration of any nearby teammates.
  • Tactical Scanner – This universal ability allows players to reveal the active buffs of their opponents, allowing them to pick off enemies more strategically.

New Weapon Attachments

  • Bayonets – Gain the edge in melee combat and cause extra damage with these deadly blades.
  • Weapon Shields – Take cover from enemy fire and prevent headshot bonus damage behind riot-style shields.

New Character Outfits

  • The Sad Punk – Add a touch of Steampunk to your Resistance character.
  • The Limey – Bring order to the Ark with this outfit inspired by traditional European police.
Source: Press Release


  1. I’ve been itching to play some more Brink. Hopefully this will get more people to play online.

  2. This took its sweet time to be released…Wish it was more popular on the PS3, its a blast with friends. I really suggest that you join the TSA meets every Thursday if possible, they’re great fun. I’m away atm from them but will return in a couple of weeks, happy to be target practice :)

    • Haha, you, target practice? Good joke! You slaughtered us all last meet!

      • I did ok, I’m better with the new weapons I was practicing with the day after the meet, swapped loadouts as I gave mine away :)

      • There’s a formula i often use to weigh this up:

        Yogdog + FPS = BEAST

        As long as i remember that, it reminds me to try & avoid him on the battlefield (or be on the same team preferably!)XD

      • Hehe, I’m not that good forrest! Gonna be a little rusty when I return from holiday :)

    • Will have to get back to this too, think Funky could be persuaded when he is back from holidays too.

  3. This all sounds great & the best bit?

    “It will be free for the first two weeks”

    *does happy dance*

  4. There is a software update out today for consoles as well with a lot of fixes and balancing being done.

    • *does a happy dance.* Catching.

    • Unfortunately balancing only for pc atm, consoles a work in progress.

  5. Well, this news has made me keep hold of it (ive been considering selling it). Any news on whether the dlc comes with trophies?

    • I assume yes as x360 version has new achievements.

    • Yep – They have been posted on :)

      • Link? Sorry I’m being lazy

      • … also you can update to 1.03 & trophies now listed on your consoles trophy list, an extra seven.

  6. I want pictures though!

  7. I have this sat on my shelf. Might start it soon.

  8. Any ideas on price yet?

    • Sorry, apparently I’m visually challenged.

  9. Org. A. Sm.

    (Im happy about the DLC)

  10. Unsure if the uav is a good edition, as no counter balance in place.

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