Driver: San Francisco Gets Multiplayer Walkthrough

Ubisoft has launched an in-depth video for upcoming sandbox racer, Driver: San Francisco, this time taking a closer look at the game’s competitive online multiplayer. Adopting the unique shift mechanic from the singleplayer campaign, the team at Ubisoft Reflections are looking to set Driver apart from your tradition sim/arcade racing experiences. The game is set to launch on September 2nd for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac, PC, 3DS and OnLive. A Wii version of Driver: San Francisco is also said to be in development.


For more details, be sure to check out our recent hands-on multiplayer preview.



  1. Awesome! But after feeling that I miss driving games after finishing Burnout Paradise years ago, the sheer amount of them out now is just.. wow! I think I’ll be driving this one though, Need For Speed: The Run needs to do a heck of a lot to get me to play that. This looks super and I like the crazy drift it seems to have. Dunno how well shift will work in a laggy game though :/

  2. Looks awesome. Pre-ordered already.

  3. Slick

  4. Most annoying voiceover!

  5. It looks kind of cheap. Like a player could get ahead by overusing the tricks he talked about. If everybody is getting screwed over when are they actually going to be using their driving skills to win?

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