Win An Xbox 360 And Kinect

Windows are offering one student household the chance to get their living room kitted out with the best gadgets and latest technology, including a 3D TV, surround sound speakers, laptop with Windows 7, a tablet PC, an Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7s for everyone in the house.

It’s a great prize, and you can enter it by clicking here. You’ll need to write 250 words (or film a 90 second video) to say why you should win, but it’s worth a go, right?

[drop2]But here’s the good bit: to celebrate this massive prize, Windows have also offered one TheSixthAxis reader a brand new shiny Xbox 360 and a Kinect controller (with Kinect Adventures) for themselves.

This is in addition to the prize above, and all you have to do to stand a chance of winning the 360 is to simply leave a comment on this post. However, you need to be a ‘level 2’ member or above (have at least 250 TSA Points) at the point when we draw the competition.  Anyone with less won’t be eligible, sorry.

We’d quite like you to give those little Facebook and Google +1 icons a click on the left, too, but we can’t force you and it’s not compulsory for this competition – however, if you like the site then it’s much appreciated and if you can spare a second to follow us on Twitter too we’d love you even more.

Competition closes at midday (UK time) on Sunday, 7th of August.  A winner will be chosen at random and we’ll be in touch to get your address via the email address you signed up with.

So, just leave a comment on this post to enter the Xbox 360 and Kinect competition, or visit the Access All Areas Facebook page to enter the competition for the complete living room makeover. Simple.

This is a really nice prize, we’re sure you’ll agree, but there’s a few terms and conditions in addition to our usual.  The Xbox 360 will be sent out directly from the PR company involved in this promotion, and only to a UK address.  Duplicate comments and comments from the same IP address won’t be counted.  Staff of TheSixthAxis and any associated third parties may not enter.

This is a prize promotion in conjunction with Windows.



  1. My, my, what a fantastic competition!

    • New rule: Ex staff cant win either :)

      • Bah! Can’t change the terms of the competition once it’s in effect ;-)

      • I lol’ed xD

      • oww, i feel sorry for you staff, but then again, i’m level 1, i can’t enter either, LMAOO! >:DD
        sad tymez ;((

    • Absolutey amazing! Whatever next eh? (hint… a car! haha!)

    • Meh, not interested in any of the kit on offer. There is no way I would have an Xbox360 in my living room, even the latest ones are noisy and ugly.

      Come on Sony, trump this by offering a PS3 3D Home Cinema combo.. NOW THAT WOULD BE A PRIZE…

  2. It’s high time I entered the world of Xbox, but, y’know, money and things.

    • Same here I only had one a few days before mine RROD :(. Would love to try Mass Effect and Gears out.

    • My attitude exactly.
      But I don’t live in the UK, so I’m afraid I won’t be getting one here either… :(
      Maybe I’ll get a 360 when it’s successor is released- bound to get a cheap one then, to play the back catalogue. It’s what I did with my DSi.

      • so your going to wait till around 2013 to get a 360?! :O

      • You never know, they might have sorted out RRoD by then! ;P

      • Had an xbox on launch then Rrod, recently I’ve been really wanting an xbox have almost bought one instore many times but as soon as I make lists of pros it’s put me right off!!

      • Yup.
        It’d only be for a few exclusives- Alan Wake and XBLA titles are what interest me the most.
        The Vita and 3DS are both ahead of it for me- the 360’s functionality is too similar to my PS3 for me to go out and actually spend loads on it.

  3. Wow. Nice compo guys :-)

    • Random picking is better when im picked! Lol

  4. Damm, i haven’t got the room for Kinect to work and i cba to keep switching from console to console if i do win. Great comp guys but i won’t be entering due to space issues.:(

    • Surely you just entered by commenting, no?

      • But i just left my opinion on the comp and stated that i won’t be entering so they should ignore it.:)

    • It’s alright, we can send you E.T. The Game if you win. It takes up much less space :P

      • If you do that, i will burn TSA towers to the ground.:p And i don’t own an Atari 5200, ( i can’t rember the name of the first console)

      • Rather have ET game for the 2600 than a 360! Oops already have ET – win for me!

  5. Awesome competition, will get it shipped to my dad’s company address in the UK if I win! :D

  6. Oooh! Coolio I’m in :)

  7. Well bums, I’m not a student, but I’d still love to win the TSA prize. I don’t think I have ever facebook “liked” something, but I will make an exception for you guys.

  8. Cool prize. Would love to win.

  9. Damn I need to get my points game up only level 1!!

    • Same here mate :)

    • Will dance for points :>-<

    • We still love you, just hang around until the next big one and read and comment on the articles in the mean time :D

    • Soo do i :(

  10. Wow, worth waiting on for [I read the TSACom tweet earlier] :)

    • Yay! People read them!

      • Next they’ll be checking out our Facebook page.

        *feigns look of shock and horror*

      • I hear our Facebook page is Wicked Sick actually… ;)

    • I’m with you there!

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