Criterion Hiring For Open World Racer

Criterion, one of the UK’s most accomplished developers in recent years, is expanding. They’ve posted a job advert on the EA Jobs site for an AI Programmer.

This is part of a larger drive for fresh talent at the studio, the gist of which can be found on their own blog. Basically, they’re hiring to fill several new positions.


The role of AI Programmer is perhaps the most interesting though. Within that advertisement, they state that their “current ambition requires an innovative programmer to deliver killer entertainment experiences with believable, open world AI Racing Drivers”. But Criterion don’t have any announced open world racers on the books.

Elsewhere among their job adverts, they mention the focus on new platforms. This could mean the much rumoured new generation of PlayStation and Xbox but it’s probably more likely to refer to the PS Vita, 3DS and possibly Wii U.

Are they hiring for a Paradise sequel? Perhaps porting Paradise to Vita?

Source: Criterion and EA Jobs via VideoGamer



  1. Hopefully it’s the next Burnout. The open world is what made paradise so great.

    • It was a one of a kind game.

      • I agree, though when I started, I got stuck in some areas, an AWFUL lot of times (I can’t say that I wasn’t irritated).

    • That’d be the redmption that the Burnout series will need after they’ve released that side scroller crash game that dares to bear the Burnout name….Fizzled out more like!
      rant done…
      Yeah I’d love for another open world Burnout to be on the cards and judging by it’s popularity still today! and so would few others :)

  2. Hopefully a new Burnout is on the cards, but I don’t like the idea of it being open-world again. Paradise was shockingly bad when compareed with 2, 3 and Revenge.

    • “one of the UK’s most accomplished developers in recent years”- where on earth does TheSixthAxis get this BS from?! Paradise was poorly designed and Crash has been slated by the whole gaming population. The last good game they created was Revenge for PS2.

      • Paradise seems to be a favourite around these parts :) Personally I can’t stand it but its very popular both here and to other critics.

      • I love Paradise.
        There are only three racers I’ve ever played that have beaten it in my opinion- Burnout: Legends (PSP), Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2) and WipeOut HD (PS3).
        It wasn’t what I expected, and it removed the local multiplayer and crash mode was completely changed. And yet… it was and IS awesome.
        But yes, Burnout Takedown is better. Although I think that Paradise actually edges out Revenge.

      • “One of” can be applied liberally, but both Burnout Paradise and NfS: Hot Pursuit reviewed and sold very well. So you seem to be swimming against the current of opinion.

        Crash may be a misstep, but it’s not yet been released, so judgement should be reserved. However, Criterion are a well liked and highly regarded studio by many.

      • Well, they’re one of the few UK developers that has remained open, continued to grow and won piles of awards for the very game you don’t like (not to mention the sales figures and critical response).

        Crash’s debut screens met with some disappointment from gamers but anyone I’ve seen writing or heard talking about that has actually played it is saying it’s looking like a decent game… just not what Burnout Revenge fans wanted.

        It’s probably unfair to judge a studio on unreleased projects though, no matter how strongly you feel about what projects they should be working on instead.

        Aside from Rocksteady (who only had 1 great game so far…) and a couple of Sony-owned studios (Media Molecule springs to mind), I can’t think of another that has been as popular or successful.

        Whatever way you look at it, they /are/ one of the UK’s most accomplished studios in recent years. So calling that BS is… well, BS.

      • Err Rockstar perhaps?!!!

      • Rockstar are not a UK developer.

      • They originate from Scotland, and the game is joint developed in Edinburgh and NY

      • Rockstar Games was founded and is still headquartered in New York City. Yes, the Housers are British (are they Scottish? They went to school in London, if memory serves?) and they did some development in Scotland before uprooting to the USA but the R* operation is a US company.

        They do have studios throughout the UK and Rockstar North who do most of the work on the GTA franchise is based in Edinburgh. R* Leeds also did the episodes but Rockstar’s recent successes have been from San Diego (Red Dead) and publishing for Team Bondi with LA Noire.

        I like a successful UK studio as much as the next man, though so I say let’s ignore where the company is registered, headquartered and operated from. Let’s include them.

        That’s one added to the list of three I had off the top of my head. Still leaves Criterion as “one of…” doesn’t it? Which is the point you started off arguing against.

      • Apart from whatever opinion you hold about their games, don’t forget about their Renderware engine.
        Although, for whatever reason, that has since disappeared after the EA buyout

    • I agree; Takedown is one of my favourite games, period. Paradise was such a let down because of the open-world setting. It seems with it though that the fanbase is now polarised between for and against it.

  3. Hope it’s a new Burnout but aren’t they also alternating developers with the Need for Speed series?? If so then i got a feeling it’s for thier new NFS.

    • Hopefully you’re right. Hot Pursuit is the best racing game this generation imo, it just needed a bit more DLC to keep things fresh

    • Feck that.
      I wish Criterion would alternate between two types of Burnout- open-world and track and junction based.
      ‘Twould be awesome.

  4. Does this mean Criterion have nearly finished their Road Rash remake?

    • Forgot all about the RR remake. Unless I’ve missed it there hasn’t been much info about it lately.

  5. Burnout Paradise was absolutely brilliant and the post-release support was the best around. The criterion podcasts were excellent and they were constantly doing special events and competitions. Just give me a Paradise 2 and I’ll be ecstatic

    • Same here. Absolutely loved the change in the Burnout series.
      I was tired of the same old racer – Paradise was the game that I had always dreamt of being made. If only I could driver round this beautiful riviera..

      Paradise 2, with better graphics, bigger and more varied world, ie a desert biome to go with a city, beach , and mountain scenario. Or a Burnout Paradise Vita game would be just brilliant.

      It’s about time too!

      • Burnout Paradise Vita would be fantastic.
        If they could add in some cross-platform multiplayer, it could blow away everything else on handhelds.

  6. Paradise was great, but for very different reasons to why I loved Burnout Takedown (or whatever that one was called). The racing in Paradise was naff (for me anyway), but everything else including the online challenges was brill.

  7. Don’t know why there’s hate on paradise, frankly I loved the game, easily the best burnout so far.

  8. Burnout Paradise 2. Now with added more.

  9. The thought of Paradise on Vita or Paradise 2 make me want to touch myself in naughty places. Fortunately I have a little self control otherwise I could get chucked off the train :)

  10. Loved Burnout Paradise. I am interested in what this will become. I would love a mode with old school crash mode, it was the best thing about Burnout in my mind.

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