DCUO MegaServers Begin To Roll Out

We may be big fans of SOE’s super-powered MMO, but we can’t ignore the fact that before today DCUO has had a number of issues surrounding server populations. Despite being the publisher’s fastest-selling game to date, a couple of months after launch some servers began to look fairly barren with others at full capacity.

No doubt this had a knock-on effect for players who were thinking of taking a break; being a member of the biggest server usually guarantees quicker waiting times for instances, more items in the auction houses, and a generally more engaging atmosphere in MMOs.


Work is due to start at 2PM today as SOE plan to combine all US and EU servers into four, comprehensive “MegaServers.” Two will be designated to the EU (one for PC, one for PS3) and likewise in the US, though heroes and villains are still unable to team-up with their allies from across the pond.

Not all server merges will occur today, check below for times and dates which are liable to change:

  • EU PC    8/8/2011              8:00AM PT/4:00PM CET
  • US PC    8/10/2011            8:00AM PT/4:00PM CET
  •  US PS3  8/11/2011            8:00AM PT/4:00PM CET
  • EU PS3  8/15/2011            8:00AM PT/4:00PM CET

Are MegaServers enough to get you to renew your subscription? Is cross-region/platform play the way forward or will you simply wait out for the Lantern-themed premium expansion?

Source: DC Universe Online



  1. Unless it becomes free to play, I doubt I will log on again, though it was fun for a while. If anyone wants my copy give me a shout!

  2. Agree with DrNate, while fun the game is terribly flawed and server population is the least of it’s problems. Since January I think I’ve managed three sessions that didn’t require a reset of the console due to the plague of problems that continue to crop up. We’re more than six months post launch and they still have not stopped console freezing? Says everything really.

  3. Still keep looking at this one, even if I just play it for a month or two. The premise sounds awesome and I’ve never played an MMO so it definately looks appealing, but I have so many games to finish as it is (and obviously a lot more new ones coming out in the near future!)

    • you can see most of the content in this one within a couple of weeks, aside from the insanely difficult endgame content that is, so finding time to play might not be the biggest problem. ^_^

      • “you can see most of the content in this one within a couple of weeks”
        If I could then sell the game on after playing the one-month trial I would be happy with this fact, but I don’t really want to spend 40quid on a game that I only play for a month or two and am then not able to sell it on :|

  4. i just love how they put a positive spin on a server merge.

    still, can’t blame them for that, and if it improves the game for those who are still playing then good luck to them.

    • Tickled me as well.

    • It’s not a merge as such, there will be multiple “phases” running on each megaserver (always at least one PvE and one PvP phase, similar to how the separate servers are currently set up), but if your friends are in a different phase you can join them. Well that’s how they explained and, yes, it could just be spin…

  5. tbh i was hoping europe ps3 would be getting the update before the dlc expansion came out but oh well never mind, still im really hoping i dont have to change my characters names as i like them

  6. Been waiting for this for a while. Not been on the game since the PSN outage, so when I fired it up last weekend I was shocked to find I could run from one side of Metropolis to the other without seeing a single other player. Granted (1) it was Sunday morning, and (2) once you get to level 30 there’s nothing to do in the cities themselve, everythng is accessed from the menus, so you’d see fewer people anyway.
    Having said that, I’ve been a casual player at most (my main character is still only level 21), so I’m hoping that the “megaservers” will make it easier to meet up with and join a casual league that would previously been on different servers.

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