Champion Jockey Videos Show Us The Motion Controls

Some new videos have been released for Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer. It’s been known for a while now that both Kinect and Move will be supported, and now we have a demonstration of how they work.


No giggling back there!

Source: Koei



  1. Watching it without it sound is hilarious, he looks like he’s boffing the Invisible man.

  2. I hope that Tecmo Koei employee is well paid. He’s going to need those funds to get his identity changed now that this has been released.

    And that lass is the worst rider I have ever seen. Looks like she’s beating the bejaysus out of the poor horse. STEWARDS’ ENQUIRY! OVERUSE OF THE WHIP!

  3. There is a reason I bought 2 move controllers, and this is not it. @Tuffcub-without sound is the only way to watch this.

  4. What – no slapping backside to giddyup? – that’s a lost opportunity right there. :)

  5. Was it just me or did the game footage for both the Move and Kinnect vid appear identical? I don’t mean graphics wise, I mean it seemed to be the exact same race? Not the most convincing advert for either system really.

    If the Kinnect one isn’t marketted with one of those inflatable horse costumes they’ll really have missed a trick though.

    • yeah i noticed that, play both videos at the same time and it becomes clear.
      it’s just the screen prompts they changed.
      all the other horses were in exactly the same position in both videos.

    • Both vids are the exact same length, I assumed the same thing as you.

      Who in their right mind would play this and enjoy it?

  6. there isn’t a facepalm big enough.

  7. if the guy has any mates he’s never gonna live it down.

  8. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I couldn’t make it to the press event for this. I could’ve lost 2 stone just by laughing at everyone else playing it…

  9. Shit in a bag and punch it. That is odd.

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