Driver: San Francisco Getting A Demo

Ubisoft have just let us know that the upcoming Driver reboot/sequel/Life On Mars tribute is getting a demo on the XBLA and PSN. The best news? It’s coming tomorrow, to both systems!

Driver: San Francisco has had a strong showing in previews with the multiplayer aspect garnering particular praise from many. The game’s release is still weeks away (Sept 2nd here in the UK) but those keen to experience it themselves will now have a nice early opportunity.


It’s always nice to see some big game demos going up on stores, and with the new disc-based game releases so quiet at the moment, this gives us something else to occupy ourselves with.

Don’t forget, Ubisoft also took part in Microsoft’s excellent Summer of Arcade promotion for downloadable games with From Dust, one area we’re definitely not starved of quality releases this summer.

Source: Press Release.



  1. Demo tomorrow – AWESOME I can now just simply play it before I play football
    Getting the Limited Edition – Day 1 loving the car =D

    • Haha, same as me then. Game looks good but that car is just awesomesauce imo

  2. Hopefully its a good return to form for Driver

  3. Sick!

  4. Great, will definitely grab the demo for a look

    • US store has been updated… downloading it now , 1.3Gb.

  5. Glad it’s getting a demo, as I’m not too sure…I feel the games haven’t been as good since Driver 2.

    Glad this news has only come today, not long to wait!!

  6. Hopefully this means that they’re confident about their game. I’m very hopeful and it’s a good decision because with all the other games I want, I wouldn’t have risked my pennies on this without a demo.

  7. Last Driver demo came off the front of a PC mag and was quickly turned into a frisbee. Loved the original Driver but the second had some terrible FPS issues.

  8. Tested mp & sp for 2days, i was bored after the fist. Wasted potential imo.

  9. Excellent

  10. Good news, really want to try it.

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