PSP Riot Thief Arrested

Metropolitan Police have arrested and placed charges on Romford thug Reece Donovan for the theft of a PlayStation Portable system last week.

For those who may have missed the story, the console was stolen from Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq; after being attacked during riots in east London, with his jaw broken, Haziq was captured on film being “aided” by a group of young men.


However as the men lifted the dazed and bewildered student to his feet, they began to strip him of any valuables, Donovan seizing a PSP before casually strolling away with the device in-hand.

Donovan is currently in police custody and is due to appear in court this Saturday to make a plea. Since being uploaded on YouTube, the video has attracted millions of disgusted viewers and has been used to highlight rioters’ absence of morality.

Since the attack and subsequent incident, Haziq has been treated and was discharged from hospital last week, SCEE having offered to relieve him a new console and games bundle.

Source: ABC



  1. Yeah well done but i bet he will be walking the streets by the end of the week. What a joke the UK Law is :-/

    • Normally I would probably agree with you, but look at the sentences being dealt out for the riotors – Six months for stealing six bottles of water, 12 weeks for two tennis rackets etc – there’s been very few soft sentences this time. This guy is going to get a prison sentence, without doubt. And made to serve it.

  2. Probably the most shocking incident in all the riots , glad to see the perp caught.

  3. I hope they lock him up in a cell with a massive guy who is called “big Daddy”.;) David “cuts everything” Camron has pledge that there will be zero tolarance for these kinds of crime, so i hope that duckhead get life imprisonment in a basic and proper cell instead of the hoilday camps that are supposed to be “prisons”.

  4. Im glad this person has been caught.
    people like this, male or female, young or old, have no right to exist in this world.

    That being said i don’t exactly oppose the riots, i believe every human has a message and the right to get that message out there in any way possible.
    but there is a difference between doing something negative for a positive or constructive reason and doing something just to make yourself feel better while making someone else feel bad.

    Like stealing food because you cant buy any, assuming of course you will make up for it later on in life by helping society.

    This individual however stole for his own greedy pleasure and that is something i will never consider human.

    In fact we might as well be living in a split society where good people live on one side and evil people live on the other.

    Morality, of course, varies depending on the person.

    But regardless these men should get what they deserve.

  5. Justice.

  6. Pwned!

  7. Very happy that they caught the low life. Disgraceful behaviour

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