London Riots? Blame Grand Theft Auto

Police are expecting even more anarchy tonight on the streets of London, following on from Saturday’s Tottenham riot which originally began as a peaceful protest. Tweets are pouring in by the hundreds, reporting numerous scenes of vandalism and police activity, a brutal confrontation expected to ensue as the night progresses.

It has also been reported that Birmingham is now under siege, and like the Tottenham riot, the attacks are said to be in retaliation against police for the death of Mark Duggan on Thursday, August 4th. The 29 year-old was shot dead by a specialist gun crime unit after brief “firefight” in which he was said to have brandished a weapon, though the investigation is still under way.


It’s suspected that most of the rioters are simply opportunists, a number of storefronts having been looted during the raids. One constable commented that the increasing presence of violent video game is a main factor in encouraging youths to participate in such criminal activities:

These are bad people who did this. Kids out of control. When I was young it was all Pac-man and board games. Now they’re playing Grand Theft Auto and want to live it for themselves.

Sure, video games are now much more engaging and from time to time they will include content which is deemed corrosive by the daily tabloids, though as we have touched upon, anyone with a modicum of moral fibre knows better than to emulate what they see on-screen, the blame being firmly placed upon the individual instead.



  1. Of course, if they were all inside playing GTA then they wouldn’t be out burning my neighbourhood down, so swings and roundabouts really.

    • Why you so blue?

      • He is a VIP.

      • yeah yeah yeah games invented violence we never had violent people before there were games etc

        but seriously I’d actually blame those flash mob T-mobile adverts for this…as it has obviously given the dreggs and slime of this country am idea of how to catch the police of guard…bloody twitter.

        hope all of you and your families are safe and sound…

        hope all the scum get what’s coming to them sooner rather than later…

      • sorry clicked wrong reply button :)

  2. But GTA London was set in the 1969!

    • Haha, touche!

    • Getaway was modern and it was quite successful in the charts, that’s obviously the game these guys have been playing.

  3. What a brilliant comment! There have riots since the dawn of time – even before GTA! Judging by how poorly policed this whole series of events is, perhaps he should get his head from out of his arse and do some fucking police work!!!!!!

    • Sorry about the language – it just frustrates me. Surely there are more important things to do than point the finger at computer games, especially when allegedly the cause of this was the police.

      • Don’t apologise, funny as fook!! lol

      • Funny comment not the situation and goings on etc.

      • I know. The situation is terrible. But surely the time for pointing the finger is after the event. He should get off his soap-box and change into his riot gear and give his frontline boys a hand.

      • I don’t see why people are treating this comment so seriously, we all know it’s misinformed and stupid, and a lot of misinformed, stupid comments are made every day.

      • ‘especially when allegedly the cause of this was the police’

        Oh yeah, It’s all the big bad evil police’s fault that some drug-dealing scumbag piece of shit resisted arrest and started shooting at police officers. This socialist cesspit of a country is making me cry.

  4. Been watching this for the last hour. It’s shocking. Someone on BBC’s feed suggested that it was ‘people looking for a bit of excitement in the summer holidays’ :|

  5. i thought video games prevented crime? or was that just in america?

  6. It had to happen didn’t it! It’s always games!

    • Exactly. Anything bad happens, and it always reverts back to video games. I can’t believe i didn’t anticipate them blaming GTA and such.

      To be honest, i’ve only just heard about these riots. Typical that i’ve been out of the country for 2 months, and now i’m coming back to London and this is going on :/

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember GTA actively encouraging Riots.

    • If they knew anything about games, they’d blame Mercenaries 2!

  8. well its clear that pacman is responsible for obesity in the over 30 then! and the fascination with ghosts on living tv!

    • And he spent his youth popping pills until he felt invincible too!

      • Ah yes! Forgot about substance abuse! Pacman and GTA! The main cause of societies problems!

  9. It seems that the hobby we cherish so much is being the scapegoat again.

    • It is sad and incredibly ignorant. Especially when we know it is really all the fault of the French.

      • Well said brother, the surrender monkeys are to blame for everything. Quite like some of their cheeses though, ooh and their patisseries.

      • They do make good cheese and pastry. I also blame them for my diabetes.

  10. Can we also blame violent films, rap music, CSI, and school history lessons where we learned of violent uprisings during the Roman times?

    • Trust me, history lessons have made me want to start a riot more than any video game…

    • Off topic, but I like your Autobahn :).

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