London Riots? Blame Grand Theft Auto

Police are expecting even more anarchy tonight on the streets of London, following on from Saturday’s Tottenham riot which originally began as a peaceful protest. Tweets are pouring in by the hundreds, reporting numerous scenes of vandalism and police activity, a brutal confrontation expected to ensue as the night progresses.

It has also been reported that Birmingham is now under siege, and like the Tottenham riot, the attacks are said to be in retaliation against police for the death of Mark Duggan on Thursday, August 4th. The 29 year-old was shot dead by a specialist gun crime unit after brief “firefight” in which he was said to have brandished a weapon, though the investigation is still under way.


It’s suspected that most of the rioters are simply opportunists, a number of storefronts having been looted during the raids. One constable commented that the increasing presence of violent video game is a main factor in encouraging youths to participate in such criminal activities:

These are bad people who did this. Kids out of control. When I was young it was all Pac-man and board games. Now they’re playing Grand Theft Auto and want to live it for themselves.

Sure, video games are now much more engaging and from time to time they will include content which is deemed corrosive by the daily tabloids, though as we have touched upon, anyone with a modicum of moral fibre knows better than to emulate what they see on-screen, the blame being firmly placed upon the individual instead.



  1. Since when was GTA the only known evil media of young people?

  2. Of all the potential causes for the violence I really wouldn’t think a game that came out 2 years ago would be pinpointed as a factor.

  3. I would shoot them all. The trouble makers that is.

    • Now that the effects of a certain shooter perhaps, He-he :)

  4. Because as we all know, rioting and looting is not an ancient practice but one that was created almost overnight after the release of the original GTA. Pft, any excuse, although it’s not reflecting too well on the police on any front so I would be looking for any angle to deflect the attention too also.

    • Its true! Just how the release of board games such as Monopoly sparked WWI!

  5. The problem with this comment is that some people will beleave to be true.
    On the news today they were blaming social networking and even pinpointing one single device (blackberry) as the platform used. Surely everyone didn’t have just a blackberry but other smartphones.

    Everyone pointing the finger:-


    All its down to is low life opportunists , thugs and people with no thought of the consequences their actions may bring. Do I feel sorry for people like this that might of had a terrible up bringing and less fortunate with education. No I don’t. You make your own decissions in life and even luck which you are judged by.

    • You seem to have common sense; an exceptionally rare quality these days.

  6. Funniest thing ive seen the the riots>!

  7. News just in:

    Gamestation in Croydon looted, copies of Duke Nukem Forever still on the shelf,

  8. theres never been proof of violent games having an effect on young kids and violence

    the odd example, such as school shooting in america where the kid was said to have been obsessed with a particular game, do exist, but those people already have violent tendencies and anger management problems, so what that cop said is pretty much bullshit

    not that im condoning the riots, all bunch of pricks

  9. I blame the lack of quality game releases for the summer. It was bound to happen. And i don’t know what that constable was on about – board games actually almost caused world war 3 at our house, several times. With the advent of video game tech now my whole family can retreat into our own little worlds and we almost never fight these days :/

  10. I wonder if that police man takes bribes from the Daily Mail… Seriously though, the riots are completely pointless, totally dispicable and I think we need to be showing our support to the police doing a thankless but brave job on the streets.

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