London Riots? Blame Grand Theft Auto

Police are expecting even more anarchy tonight on the streets of London, following on from Saturday’s Tottenham riot which originally began as a peaceful protest. Tweets are pouring in by the hundreds, reporting numerous scenes of vandalism and police activity, a brutal confrontation expected to ensue as the night progresses.

It has also been reported that Birmingham is now under siege, and like the Tottenham riot, the attacks are said to be in retaliation against police for the death of Mark Duggan on Thursday, August 4th. The 29 year-old was shot dead by a specialist gun crime unit after brief “firefight” in which he was said to have brandished a weapon, though the investigation is still under way.


It’s suspected that most of the rioters are simply opportunists, a number of storefronts having been looted during the raids. One constable commented that the increasing presence of violent video game is a main factor in encouraging youths to participate in such criminal activities:

These are bad people who did this. Kids out of control. When I was young it was all Pac-man and board games. Now they’re playing Grand Theft Auto and want to live it for themselves.

Sure, video games are now much more engaging and from time to time they will include content which is deemed corrosive by the daily tabloids, though as we have touched upon, anyone with a modicum of moral fibre knows better than to emulate what they see on-screen, the blame being firmly placed upon the individual instead.



  1. Wasn’t there a riot here in the UK back in 1985? That was when an officer actually got slaughtered by a mob with a machete (R.I.P) wasn’t it? I guess Super Mario caused that violence back then too…

  2. That one constable is shockingly ignorant and misinformed. A truly pathetic bit of reasoning and something he needs to be pulled up on when all of this shit is over. I’d happily twat him over the head with a large double ended dildo if I wasn’t such a calm person.

  3. The sad and unfortunate truth of the reason for the further breakouts is that it’s fun and exciting for those taking part, and there is a low percentage chance of facing any consequences.

    Give people anonymity and safety in numbers and you’d be surprised how easily rational thought goes out of the window. Add people into the equation who have no problems with committing crime in general, and you have perfect leaders by example for what you can do and get away with with enough numbers against the current anti-riot stance, or lack thereof.

    It’s hard for us to rationalise, but it is taking place largely just because it can, and nothing more.

    When this is over there will be a lot of things blamed; the original shooting, games, lack of social construct, parenting, police brutality. But I fear the real reason will be missed; if people think they can get away with something, they’ll do it.

    • Additionally, there needs to be an extremely strong stance taken that makes people regret taking part in any of these events, or feel lucky they didn’t face any consequences.

      Simply continuing to apply the current meagre attempts at control won’t cut it, even if the rioting stops, the lesson learnt will be that at any point people can decide to do this, and with enough participants, there is a large percentage chance of getting away with it.

      The police need to take any mis-informed and predictable backlash from the media on the chin and get adequately forceful against people taking part, without real conditioning against these acts it sets a precedent for this to happen again, and again, and again.

  4. Sinister forces are at work instigating these riots:

  5. Aaahahahahaha…

    Everyone is probably ignorant to one hobby or another, like this person clearly is to video games. It’s nothing serious people :P

  6. Pacman aplied to real life: You kill little people (dots) while running from the police (ghosts). When you find a M60 (Big dots) you can now kill the police until you run out of bullets.
    See, any game is violent when applied to real life.
    What bothers me most is that people believe that videogames are anymore responsible for increasing violence than any other medium of entertainment. If I recall, long before any videogames came up, during the roman times, they entertained themselves watching people killing each other (gladiators).

  7. And they must assume that 90% of gamers in London are black?
    Because that’s the percentage of thugs on the streets atm, along with the general anarchists.

  8. I heard that a big Sony distribution centre was caught up in the melee. Led to the funniest comment I’ve heard in a while! Apparently, someone described people breaking into the Sony distribution centre & running out with Wii consoles!!! :0D

  9. pfff… GTA more like State in Emergency PS2 game ^^
    Still can’t what I’m readin and watching on the news =/
    Seems the police are slow and lazy….

  10. No, just no. Games can not be blamed.

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