Sony Warehouse In London Destroyed By Fire

You can’t help but be aware of the ongoing riots over the last few nights in London and some other major cities.

Scenes over the news of young people looting and destroying shops and warehouses have been shocking, and it appears Sony are another one of the many businesses that have been affected.


A Sony warehouse in north London, where CDs, DVDs and most likely games are stored, is reported to be collapsing with fires engulfing the whole building. A gang of 20 looters have reportedly left the warehouse taking electrical goods with them.

Fire fighters are currently tackling the flames, but obviously what’s most important that how much items were stolen or destroyed is whether anyone was killed or seriously injured.

Scotland Yard will be investigating the incident.



  1. This really isn’t Sony’s year…

    • Genius interviewee, when he said, “they were robbing Sony stuff like a wii”. Maybe they punched him harder than he knows. Get it checked out son…

      • Maybe it was “They were robbing Sony stuff like a wee”? There have been a lot of streaks of p!ss involved in these riots….

      • Maybe he meant that the Sony kit was disappearing as fast as the Wii did at launch? Fanboyism, it seems, is rampant in the news.

    • As reported this morning, this wasn’t a games distribution centre so gamers will likely be unaffected:

  2. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  3. CD’s, DVD’s, BD’s, UMD’s for 1st and 3rd party companies.
    Discs are authored, pressed, and stored there. So yes, games, music and films for different companies.

  4. When reading all the ‘hack’ stories I thought they were bad but these stories are so much worse. I really am shocked that people behave this way.

    • At least hacking requires skill and dedication. This is just dick-head thugs smashing windows with sticks and stealing.

      • and there’s a lot less chance of killing somebody with hacking.

      • I totally agree 3shirts

  5. according to reports nobody was hurt there, but the looters probably got a fortune of sony products.

    i can see where it is from my window.
    there’s still black smoke coming from the site, that’s at least 14 hours after it was started.

  6. That’s just shocking, the fire is disturbingly wild and massive. Fucking cunts getting away with this.

    Any moral leg they had to stand on is now gone. No excuses. It’s just scumbaggery.

    And I have to point this out: “Sony stuff like Wii consoles”. I know, I’ll get my coat.

    • Probably not the ideal language to use but I wholeheatedly agree with you. My area was targetted last night, though thankfully it was bought under control just before moving towards our road. When I travelled to Ealing Broadway this morning it was like a war zone.

      • If anything, it’s the most ideal language to use.

        Would be interesting to find out that Sony is actually a front for Nintendo products.

  7. There are no words for this. Only incoherent rage.

  8. Why are they even discussing whether water canons should be used or not, bring ’em on and get the bastards. Cameron will wish he’d lost the election by the end of the week. Just like we already do.

    • to hell with water cannons, get the fucking army in.

      we’ve had one death, somebody needs to stop this shit before we have any more.

    • Police with water cannon experience state they are not effective in this situation, just piss off rioters and make policing harder.

      • The only way to stop riots always seems to involve using ‘proper’ violence. Yet in that case everyone starts complaining about how violent the police was. Especially with the situation in Syria, etc right now. I could see people comparing both events.

        I’m not English though, and all the news so far has been really unclear so I can’t determine what I would want them to do. There’s riots in Rotterdam nearly every year with the football hooligans. The police uses a lot of violence in those cases and that seems to work.

      • i bet trained and armed soldiers would be effective.

      • How about a water cannon with coloured dye in it. That’ll make it easy to catch the thugs!

      • Flame throwers then, fight fire with fire and all that.

      • A Ghostbusters slime cannon would be pretty effective, I challenge anyoneto wander about with a 42 inch LCD under their arm over ectoplasm.

      • personally i’d go with the proton packs.

  9. There’s loving your Xbox then there’s this! :D

  10. The fucking dickheads. Sorry for the language but i’m getting really fed up with these scumbags causing damage and misery for everyone around them. I hope noone was killed or injured in the fire. I really hope the prat who caused the fire gets caught and is sentenced to share a cell with Big dave.

    Again, i apologise for the language. The rioters are doing it not because of that guy who got himself killed by firing at armed police but just out of spite to every innocent bystander. I really hope the riot comes to a end soon otherwise i can see the army being called in if it gets worse which could make it worse.:(

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