Sony Warehouse In London Destroyed By Fire

You can’t help but be aware of the ongoing riots over the last few nights in London and some other major cities.

Scenes over the news of young people looting and destroying shops and warehouses have been shocking, and it appears Sony are another one of the many businesses that have been affected.


A Sony warehouse in north London, where CDs, DVDs and most likely games are stored, is reported to be collapsing with fires engulfing the whole building. A gang of 20 looters have reportedly left the warehouse taking electrical goods with them.

Fire fighters are currently tackling the flames, but obviously what’s most important that how much items were stolen or destroyed is whether anyone was killed or seriously injured.

Scotland Yard will be investigating the incident.



  1. Hopefully (but unlikely) all this will be a wake up call to all these ‘human rights’ idiots and brain dead morons who vote for the main 3 disgusting pinko parties (labour, lib dem and conservatives). This is what happens when human rights laws let low-life scum do as they please with minimal/no punishment, it all leads to this, innocent people getting their lives ruined and it makes me sick.

  2. ‘The Xbox Generation’

  3. Arseholes.

  4. Yes this violence has to be stopped immediately by police/army, but there is a root problem, poverty & high unemployment, not an excuse for this behaviour.

    • You have to look at upbringing too. Some people are brought up with social values & to be polite, some with no respect for others, no manners.

    • Nothing to do with apparant ‘poverty’ or unemployment (I’ve been on the dole for about a year and I’ve never rioted or stolen anything in my life :)

      It’s just scum seeing an opportunity to do what scum do best, ruining civilisation and making decent people suffer.

      • Which leaves upbringing. Kids where i live that can’t be older than five, telling each other to etc.
        Conscription into the armed forceswould sort them out, as for the parents, they’re behond rehabilitation.

      • beyond.

  5. *sigh* 1 arsehole (who nobody’s even heard of) waves a gun aboot & gets shot by the police………which in turn, gives massive gangs of nobheads, the idea that they can loot & pillage wharever they want……….fuckin’ wankers, the lot of them.
    I apologise for the language, but this country is going down the pan…….fast.
    Cameron should hire the A Team……..that’d sort the fuckers oot.

    • spoilt for choice, no excuses…
      a-team, expandables, chuck norris & my fav, segal(or as i’ve seen on cod, steven seagull.)

  6. I live in north London and everything just seems different now. Enfield town (shopping centre) which was a great place to go has been looted, other high streets looted. So depressing. And the Sony distribution centre :( just more depression :(
    These #%&*//// have no souls, no life & I hate their %&$%?$ parents most of all for teaching them nothing. Who has the brains / lack of brains to wreck their own area. Look at every other organism on earth, none of which are stupid enough to wreck their own habitat.
    (p.s. sorry for the $*?*$#” stuff)

  7. Well that sucks. Hope everything calms down over there soon. It really is a shame to see such actions from both sides. This really sucks for Sony though. 2011 has been a hell of a year for them. They must be counting the days til 2012.

  8. Poor Sony, these riots have just become an excuse for people to get free stuff.

  9. this is disgraceful,how far has humanity come in these past 5000 years,not far it seems,as we are still acting like animals.

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