Sony Warehouse In London Destroyed By Fire

You can’t help but be aware of the ongoing riots over the last few nights in London and some other major cities.

Scenes over the news of young people looting and destroying shops and warehouses have been shocking, and it appears Sony are another one of the many businesses that have been affected.

A Sony warehouse in north London, where CDs, DVDs and most likely games are stored, is reported to be collapsing with fires engulfing the whole building. A gang of 20 looters have reportedly left the warehouse taking electrical goods with them.

Fire fighters are currently tackling the flames, but obviously what’s most important that how much items were stolen or destroyed is whether anyone was killed or seriously injured.

Scotland Yard will be investigating the incident.


  1. This is sickening. I cannot believe it. Can’t get the Army as they all in Afghanstan (sp?)
    They need to use water cannon or tear gas immediately. a man has died with a gunshot wound – This has to be resolved immediately before the numbers starts counting!
    Absolutely disgraceful!

  2. It was reported this morning that the warehouse was the main distribution hub for all “games consoles” in the UK, and was the biggest of its kind in Europe.

  3. Games not at that warehouse.

    “A Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson has confirmed to Eurogamer that it does not use the Enfield warehouse affected by last night’s riots, suggesting the impact on delivery of PlayStation-related products will be minimal. ”

    • There’s a very real possibility that releases will be delayed as a result, or that supplies of certain titles may be very low due to the damage casued to the facility.”There will likely be some impact on deliveries,”(see comment below.)

  4. Games are not stored there, but a lot of independant labels use the storage so once again britain has kicked itself in the knackers time after time….

  5. This is what happened when David Cameron was elected, and had the nerve to cut budgets for Police. If whoever is partaking in the riots actually took to Downing Street instead, I think they would have made their point, but this is just opportunistic. Damn you mass media for making our last leader appear to be such an idiot, this government for doing nothing and these idiots for picking the right moment :l

    • Bring the army in & zero tolerance enforced, we’re too soft on criminals period.

  6. An absolute disgrace, they’re all just crazed rioters looking for an excuse to cause misery to others and to get away with all these crimes.

    People are getting mugged on the street and their livelyhoods burned away. I do hope we see the end of the riots tonight and the rioters get whats coming to them, before this whole thing gets any worse.

  7. The Sony DADC (Digital Audio Disc Corporation) plant in Enfield was struck by looters last night, who were thought to have made off with thousands of pounds worth of equipment and games, CDs and movies before the site was set on fire.This could have far-reaching consequences for consumers across Europe, as the plant is a key games pressing and packaging factory and a major link in the chain of Sony’s DVD, CD and PS3 European games distribution process. There’s a very real possibility that releases will be delayed as a result, or that supplies of certain titles may be very low due to the damage casued to the facility.”There will likely be some impact on deliveries,” said Yoko Yasukochi, a spokeswoman at for Japanese electronics and entertainment giant in Tokyo.”We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it’s not possible to enter the building,”The Sony DADC plant is also where some PC games get pressed, as well as a manufacturing point for Blu-Ray and UMD. The site also doubles up as a high-tech research lab, with leading work on optical technology being conducted there.

    Sent to tips but not picked up, no surprise there. What warrants a worthy story?

    • (staff have spoke to me re being inundated with tips, add to that work/homelife. If i could del last sentence i would, please disregard it. Apologies.)

  8. hope they all get caught real clever smashing up were you live.

  9. They are all stupid because they are destroying their own neighbourhoods. When the rioting & looting dies down they will look and will see they have nothing left, all the shops that have been affected wont want to be there and will move away and this leaves them with nothing to do – which then they will moan at. They are ruining it for themselves and every good law abiding citizen in the areas affected. Low lifes of the UK society!

    • clearly these idiots are too stupid to consider the repercussions of their action.

  10. Just bring in the Army to shoot all the cocksuckers.

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