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Sony Announces The All New… PSP

Sure, Vita may just be around the corner, but Sony’s not ready to give up on the old PSP just yet. Over at their Gamescom press conference, the company has revealed a new model of the original PSP.

There’s no official name – we’re guessing it’ll be the PSP-4000 – but the new model sees Sony going after the budget market. The wifi connectivity features have been removed (that means no PSN or downloadable games), and it sounds like there will be no included memory.

Whilst the “4000” may be great value for those new to the PlayStation family (UMDs are certainly dirt cheap at retail), but might also be appealing to those wishing to upgrade to Vita but still have something to play their legacy PSP disks on.

The new PSP will be out later this year for €99 – no dollar or sterling price has been announced.


  1. If it’s out for Christmas then all this new PSP needs to do is sell a few units and generate some interest. Seems like a bloody smart move on Sony’s part, they could undercut Nintendo with something that already has stacks of cheap games whilst gaining a bit of market presence just in time to release a new console!

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