Sony Announces The All New… PSP

Sure, Vita may just be around the corner, but Sony’s not ready to give up on the old PSP just yet. Over at their Gamescom press conference, the company has revealed a new model of the original PSP.

There’s no official name – we’re guessing it’ll be the PSP-4000 – but the new model sees Sony going after the budget market. The wifi connectivity features have been removed (that means no PSN or downloadable games), and it sounds like there will be no included memory.


Whilst the “4000” may be great value for those new to the PlayStation family (UMDs are certainly dirt cheap at retail), but might also be appealing to those wishing to upgrade to Vita but still have something to play their legacy PSP disks on.

The new PSP will be out later this year for €99 – no dollar or sterling price has been announced.



  1. No wifi? WTH?

    • that would mean no multiplayer wouldn’t it?

    • Who cares? No one playes games online on PSP anyway, and most of the PSP games on the PS Store have ripoff prices and the web browser was shit and never even worked in the first place.

      • Seems like a no-brainer when it comes to watering the PSP down to get the price lower.

      • RSS, RemotePlay, Skype, In game online content like LBP and MNR. It’s a huge thing to drop.

      • I don’t know what RSS or Skype are, but how many people even use any of that other stuff anyway? Not many i’d bet.

      • and the aim is to make it an entry level handheld to attract new customers (casuals, little kids etc) who won’t need PS3 connectivity or Skype anyway.

      • LBP content, probably everyone who bought the game used it. RSS reader for downloading podcasts.

      • It’s not really worth keeping a feature for the sake of 1 game really is it? and I have LBP on PSP and never used got any dlc :)

      • Each to their own but losing wifi will put me off buying one as I use it. Even a DSi has it and is sub 100.

      • Monster Hunter. 4 player co-op. Peace Walker. 4 player co-op. DISSIDIA. A fighting game that implies multiplayer. Etc etc etc. Also can be done via PS3.

      • I agree here, the multiplayer part of the PSP was usually weak, atleast for me it was.

        I tried multiplayer on MoH Heroes 2 for the PSP, it was good, but I rather have played online on the PS3. LBP probably was the biggest reason why I used Wi-Fi with my PSP, but that didn’t even last long since I still played LBP 1 on the PS3 . Who would play PSP multiplayer over PS3 multiplayer and since you probably have no Wi-Fi access for most of the time when you are travelling, that part doesn’t seem to help too.

        People should also remember that this PSP isn’t the only option, anyone who wants their Wi-fi with their PSP can go buy the -3000 or the Go.

        Also, this should be called the PSP-500… because it is a PSP on a diet. -4000 makes it sound more… advanced.

    • Think you’re all missing the point on this one.

      This isn’t the PSP for the hardcore gamer. If we want a PSP, we’ll go out and buy the 3000 with all the bells and whistles.

      This is for the parents to buy for their young kids. It’s €99, you have the Essentials range for dirt cheap including FIFA. It’s a no-brainer.

      Smart move by Sony.

  2. Goodbye Store, hello MediaGo. People thought Origin was bad!

    • Oh God, is that monstrosity of a program still available?
      It’s way too slow, and it always requires about 6 updates whenever I use it.

      If you’ve a PS3, it’s the fastest way to download PSP games. You can even store them on the HDD if your memory stick isn’t big enough for your games.

      • I don’t know i use it and its quite handy to download and instll games but it was slow on my ol’ computer, which had 512mb ram

      • you need to use media go, or the store on psp, for the comics, though that’s not much of a concern any more.

  3. Ooohhh…
    But no.
    I have the PSP-2000, and saw a PSP Go for €99 in Game today- I think I’ll buy that instead. I’ve got a few PSP games and Classics stuck on my PS3’s hard drive because I can’t get a memory stick big enough to fit them.
    Keeping my 2000 for UMDs and a Go for my downloadables sounds good.
    It’s not too much more than I’d end up paying for a 16gb memory stick anyway.

  4. wifi connectivity features have been removed.

    Oh why? that’s a stupid move, if adhoc’s gone… then wow >_>

    • I hope they clarify this…..

    • Confirmed on the Blog as having no wifi at all

      “While PSP E-1000 does not include Wi-Fi, it will still provides access to the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store via Media Go.”

    • yeah I know but if it as no multiplayer then its pointless for anyone. >_>

      • No it’s not pointless, 99% of PSP games don’t even have online and the few that do no one even plays online anyway.

      • Yes online is hardly used so what of Adhoc? I’m sure there is group of kids that would play PSPs much like the old days of Gameboy Colour and thus play with there friends. I doubt casuals would have no desire for local multiplayer.

        Is that even popular?

  5. It’s the “PSPE1000” according to their flickr feed

  6. Has anybody seen the blog post, where it mentions that FIFA 12 will be €10 on PSP?
    Surely a typo?

    • “Value for money is the goal with this new model that will retail at just €99.99 (RRP), accompanied by an exciting range of PSP Essentials titles that will retail at only €9.99 (RRP) and will include Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, FIFA 12 and many more.”
      ( )

      • Possibly, how much is it on other outdated machines like on PS2? If it’s like £20 RRP or something on PS2 it could be possible.

      • PSP won’t be outdated when FIFA 12 releases.
        Unless you regarded the DS as outdated as soon as the original PSP came out.

      • By todays standards the PSP is getting quite a bit long in the tooth.

  7. The PSP should have had a matte finish from day one. Making the original PS3s a dust and fingerprint magnet was one thing, but making a handheld like that is the very definition of dumb.

    • A shiny handheld is like a banger-racer with a expensive shiny pearlecent paint job.

      • Come on. You’re all about PSP bashing aren’t you? :S

  8. Really didn’t expect this. Seems like a good idea.

  9. Sounds OK for those minis and psone classics on my PS3, as long as somebody’s doing a good deal on the price.

  10. i see myself buying one to play all my Final Fantasy.

    • My psp is more or less a final fantasy machine. Its got most of the FF’s available for it. Looking forward to the new one too!

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