WWE ’12’s New Predator Technology Is Impressive

THQ has released a new video showing off a variety of new gameplay mechanics and system changes for WWE ’12. If you have been keeping up with wrestling games as of late you’ll definitely be impressed.

On the visual front, the action has a more presentation feel that’s closer to what you’d see on TV. The camera angles are more accurate and it just looks better overall. Character models have been improved, there’s a new depth of field system, and there’s a new engine for the ring and ropes. It actually reacts appropriately to what’s going on now.


The gameplay is where you’ll notice a major overhaul. Every move can now be interrupted by another player, which means you no longer have to wait for animations to finish to attack your opponent. Perhaps even more surprising is being able to combine moves together that were never before possible. THQ showed Rey Mysterio doing a moonsault off the top rope during John Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle animation and everything connected as if it was an actual tag team move.

Animations have also been drastically improved. In previous games the transitions were absolutely horrendous. Sometimes characters would just warp to the middle of the ring for no reason. It seems like WWE ’12 rectifies this by actually adding smooth animations all throughout. Instead of a camera shifting automatically showing Randy Orton grabbing someone on the ropes, you see both characters setting up the move realistically.

Along with the “new” submission system, which just seems to be a variation of the button mashing sequence from Smackdown vs. Raw 2006, there’s a new comeback mechanic. The option only becomes available when you’re in critical danger of losing and it can only be used once. Momentum shifts are an important aspect in wrestling, so it’s great to see that there’s one in WWE ’12. THQ also brought back the ability to store finishers.

Perhaps the biggest addition is the new “wake up” taunt. You see this move done by Superstars all the time. Randy Orton falls to the floor and pounds his hands on the mat as his hopeless opponent wakes up dazed and confused. Then he hits the RKO and the match is over. Every wrestler now has a wake up taunt in WWE ’12. This means that you can now set up your finishers properly, seamlessly, and more accurately. I’ve been wanting a universal wake up move in a wrestling game for over a decade now. It doesn’t really make sense why it took THQ so long to add one.

The controls have also been fine tuned back to the face buttons. You don’t have to use the right analog stick to do moves anymore. It will be just like the good ‘ol days when wrestling games were easy to pick up and play. It’s surprising it took THQ this long to go back to its roots after copying EA’s control scheme.

Check out the Predator Tech featurette below to see everything in action.

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  1. This looks good, I didn’t know what to think when it was first announced but looking at this it seems like this year they may of done it right!

    • Indeed. I’m pleasantly surprised!

  2. Wrestling is no longer decent in my opinion, lost the feel of it a long time ago, and never really got it back, hopefully the game is good for the wrestling fans out there

    • A few months ago I would have agreed with you 100% but if you get chance to watch the past couple of PPVS (Money in the Bank and Summerslam) you may find yourself pleasently suprised :)

      • I stopped watching at the beginning of the year, started getting back into it. I take it too serious when i watch it though, for example:

        *SummerSlam Spoilers*

        When Christian dived off the top rope for the RKO, i’m just thinking, “why would you possibly do that? There’s steel steps right under the top rope, what move could you have possible done there?”

        Things like that just annoy me so much, and the bad storylines.

      • Lol yeah, I was watching it with a couple of my mates last night, one of whom is a huge Christian fan. At that bit my mate shouted a few naughty words at my defenseless TV ;) Brutal match though, was expecting Randy to collapse from blood-loss with all those cuts!

  3. As I haven’t played a wrestling game since 2003, I’d definitely like to try this out just for old time’s sake – which by the last video seems to be that nothing much has changed and this going to intuitive controls could just mean going to what I had experienced in PS1/PS2 era.

  4. Does the camera also pan away to the crowd right at the moment when the chair “connects” with the back of someones head?

    • Only if you play the game before 9pm :oD

  5. This article’s been quoted on pro wrestling site pwtorch: http://pwtorch.com/artman2/publish/quicknews/article_52206.shtml

    Just thought you might like to know.

    • lol that’s interesting. They think I reviewed the game though! rofl.

  6. Some good features. Should have been added a while ago, but now is better than never. May actually pick this one up.

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