Brock Lesnar For WWE 12?

The Official PlayStation Magazine UK Twitter feed has posted a rumour about the forthcoming WWE 12 game.

“Grap insider tells us the mystery superstar who’ll be announced for WWE 12 this week is… Brock Lesnar. Like the man himself, that’s huge!”

The rumour has also been posted by the website ‘PWInsider’, who say licensing issues have been resolved as Brock will appear as ‘Brock Lesnar the Wrestler’ and not ‘Brock Lesnar the MMA Fighter’.

Source: OPMUK / PWInsider



  1. Who?

    • He looks like a man, excpet he’s a freaking animal.
      Just beast like, freakily hugely scary…plus he’s an actual real MMA fighter and not just a fancy-dan wrestler

      • Of course all meaningless in the soap opera that is wrestling!

      • He may be a big guy, with a great chin but he has a huge allergic reaction to pain and looked like a frightened boy in the Cain Velasquez fight at UFC 121 (though admittedly Cain is amazing and fought stunningly well). By his own admission he didn’t used to spar during camp – the fool. Be interested to see if he ever returns after his diverticulitis op. I’ve a sneaking suspiscion he won’t and that should he, Joe Silva will set him up with a gimme.

      • He would appear to have a chimney breast in place of a ribcage though and oxlegs for arms


      Former World Undisputed Champion (youngest ever WWE Champion)and also former UFC World Heavyweight Champion.

      • Till he came up against a UFC fighter in his prime, who annihilated him inside 1 round :D

        Being massive is one thing, having great technique and the mindset of a butcher is another.

    • Cool that guy, thought it was similar…. must be from Altered Beast

    • Looks like an angry version of me. But smaller.

  2. Awesome. The man is a powerhouse! :D

  3. Here comes the pain.

  4. I don’t really care who is in it, coz I prefer to play as my own creation/s.

  5. Hooray!(?) now we can finally always play as the ideal nazi super-soldier clone we always wanted!…
    (nazis are bad, m’kay)

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