Sonic Generations Gamescom Trailer And Screenshots

Sega has released a new set of screenshots for Sonic Generations. This game looks absolutely fantastic. Those Sega blue skies are just so gorgeous.

The Gamescom trailer, unfortunately, is not as impressive since it just shows random clips of gameplay. It’s impossible to get a feel for each zone when they’re shown only for a few brief seconds.

Source: Press Release, YouTube


  1. NO!!!! not Tails…and the music was very underwhelming better if it was more retro than being mainstream.

    • Talking about the song in the trailer? Yeah, I don’t like it much either.

    • yep, I just thought that it didn’t fit into a Sonic trailer :(

    • Angelos Epithemou on production :-p

  2. This looks good and would be great as a Vita title, but I couldn’t part with the same amount of cash for this, as I would for Uncharted 3, MW3 etc.

    • I’m guessing that Vita games arer going to be pretty much the same price as PS3 games.

  3. Tails is the only other character I want to see in this game, or maybe Knuckles. NO MORE THOUGH!

    • Knuckles is too awesome. And I agree, no more characters after him.

    • Tails!! also yes Knuckles is ok, but no more

      • just those two additions :-)

    • If you go on the IMDB page it has Blaze the Cat, Espio The Chameleon, Silver the Hedgehog, Big, Tails, Charmy Bee, Amy, Vector and Cream the Rabbit all listed as characters.


  4. Wouldn’t this alter the space-time continuum?

  5. Can I buy half the game for half the price?

    • You can buy episode 1, then they just won’t bother with any more!

  6. Just looks like polished up parts of other Sonic games all put in to one package.

  7. I’m so excited for this. Loved the demo, and love the sonic levels in unleashed so this seems like the perfect package!

  8. The 3DS version looks terrible, but I have been very impressed by the game engine they developed in Sonic Unleashed (apart from a few rough edges), and this looks better. It does seem like they’re reusing a LOT of assets though…

  9. A lot of screenshots, there. I’m still wanting Episode 2…

    • I agree. Where is Episode 2? These games should have rolled out quickly given Sega’s vast knowledge of 2D side-scrolling platformers! I played the demo for Generations and was very underwhelmed. The camera is too spastic.

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