Black Ops Playlist Update Going Live

The new update to Call of Duty: Black Ops is rolling out today. The update changes the playlists in the multiplayer section of the game, adding new features and removing a couple of the less popular options.

There’s a new ‘Express’ option which features a number of faster paced game modes with a thirty second lobby timer as well as a new DLC playlist which replaces the Annihilation option. Within the DLC playlist, there’s the option to play Moshpit, which features a number of the most popular game modes, or Hardcore which features the most popular hardcore game types played on DLC maps.


Within Hardcore, Bombs and Flags have been removed and replaced with Headquarters and Capture the Flag playlists.

The update is apparently already live on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 update is due ‘soon’.

Update: As pointed out in the comments below, Ghost and Second Chance have been removed from the express playlists. I’m not a CoD online player but apparently this is a big deal and worth noting. I apologise for my noob-ness!

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  1. Hardcore HQ… i am pleased. bit late though

  2. To little to late.

  3. Nothing will save this game’s multiplayer from being awful now. The DLC helps ease the pain….but it’s a failure overall and if MW3 doesn’t impress I believe this game may have initiated the downfall of COD :/

  4. Regarding the new Express playlist. It also removes the use of Ghost & Second Chance. . To anybody that plays Black Ops this is MAJOR news. Why it wasn’t stated above I’ll never know.
    The only problem with the playlist is it’s a rotation of EVERY game mode. So if you only play TDM or DOM (the most popular) then you’re constantly going to be leaving lobbies.

    • I’m not at all up to speed with Black Ops online intricacies so I have no idea of the significance of that. I just knew this story would be of interest to a lot of people so thought I should relay it as much as I could.

      • They are regarded as the most annoying perks in COD history.. Now it is true they have both been in Call of Duty since Modern Warfare yet it’s only in Black Ops that they are heavily used. Ghost especially, slowing the game down and causing so much annoyance.

      • I love ghost. I want to remain invisible and undetected. Thats the way I play. If your any good, you’ll kill me regardless. (thats not directed at anyone commenting on this article by the way, its directed at any cod player ever)

      • The problem with Ghost (being in tier 1) is the other perks cannot compete. In COD4 if you wanted to use UAV Jammer you had to give up a strong perk (Stopping Power, Jugganaut) imagine if Ghost was in tier 2 or 3.. Do you think many people would give up Sleight of Hand? Or Ninja? Ghost would be fine if it was the equivalent to UAV Jammer from COD4 yet in BO not only does it protect you from the UAV it also protects you from the higher killsteaks.

      • I don’t use ghost, but I use second chance, I think they’re both a little frustrating sometimes, but there’s nothing wrong with them. It just adds a bit of variety.

      • I understand where your coming from. You dont have to give up anything of the same or greater strength in order to use it. But I like to be virtually indestructible when it comes to the higher killstreaks. I have a class set up just for taking down killstreaks lol.

      • Well it delights me to say I will never see players like you again! :) Express playlist 24/7!

      • I used Ghost but i fully agree that there should be better ‘blue’ perks so it wouldn’t be as overused and overpowered.

      • Only time I ever used the MW2 equivalent of Ghost(Cold Blooded), was when there was a Harrier/Chopper in the air. I’d change my class if I got killed while it was still in the air & then take it down with a Stinger missile.

        In Black Ops it seems everyone seems to use either Ghost or Flak jacket. Second chance has always been the most annoying perk in Call of Duty.

    • Lol don’t worry as you won’t be in that Playlist for very long, how long before it turns into the Booster playlist?

      Barebones Pro is a Booster playlist on MW2 so will this be on Blops.

  5. Ive found myself playing CTF on Blackops recently. The only reason Ive started to dip back in is because I won the recent map pack. Its fun for a while but the novelty soon wore off. Im glad I didnt bother buying the previous maps. Im just wasting time now until MW3 and BF3 arrive!

  6. Aww second chance pro was my favourite :)

  7. “…Bombs and Flags have been removed…” Facepalm.

    Why the hell have they done that? I was starting to enjoy Hardcore, which I never did before, and they come with this. Although, they’ve left HQ and CTF HC, the rotating playlist is gone.

  8. There’s was nothing wrong with Ghost, its the way people used the perk, they’d put on Ghost Pro, get a Famas Silenced, Motion Sensor and camp in a corner throughout the whole game waiting for people to go past and kill them.
    The fact you can’t see their name go red was a huge problem on maps like Jungle, Launch etc

    Treyarch got A LOT of complaints from the machinima/YouTube community saying hows its a problem on the 360, people on PS3 don’t tend to camp with Ghost Pro.

    Second Chance Pro was the MOST annoying perk EVER, it was like Last Stand from MW2 but totally different, in MW2 you could kill a person in Last Stand super easy. In Blops, there would be a point where they’d be invincible when falling so they’d kill you and then get revived. Also you lasted like forever in Second Chance Pro on Blops.

    I got 5 kills in Second Chance Pro on Nuketown to get a Blackbird and then get revived lol, was hilarious.

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