12 Minutes Of Metro: Last Light

Footage from the 12-minute long E3 demo of Metro: Last Light has finally been uploaded for the gaming public, as promised by THQ. 4A’s subway shooter sequel is looking head and shoulders above 2010’s Metro 2033, improved lighting effects and textures adding to the game’s grim atmosphere and subterranean inhabitants.



Metro: Last Light is due to launch next year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U.



  1. Metro 2033 was generally regarded as pretty good wasn’t it?

    If this is better still, it may be worth a look into! :)

    • It was an OK game I thought. Graphics and gameplay really needed notching up however.

      • I absolutely loved it. My favourite FPS single player campaign in years, looked brilliant on PC as well. This is eagerly anticipated by me :)

      • dude I don’t know about you but the graphics are INSANE! then again maybe I’m just saying that since I played this on PC

  2. I do hope that they release the first one on PS3 seeing as they are releasing this for the PS3

    • I wouldn’t expect much, but it would be nice if a copy of the first game came with it (as other games have done).

      I wouldn’t hold your breath though.

  3. Wow, that was brilliant.

  4. to me it seems they are tryign the same advertising tactic as BF:3 but something about this 12 min vid just doesn’t do it for me

  5. I thought that was fantastic looking. I never played the first one but heard good things about it from friends. The lighting effects in the gameplay vid are unbelievably good!

  6. Wow… that was like watching a movie, only better :O

  7. I thought the first one was fantastic and utterly engrossing from start to amazing finish, it’s a game I hold in very high regard and I’m looking forward to the sequel hugely. I only watched a little to keep it as spoiler free as I can but enough to know that it looks brilliant and worthy of my hard earned.

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