New 360 Japanese Bundle Announced

Last month we reported that a number of Japanese retailers are starting to cut down on their stock of 360 units, leading to colossal price cuts and selected software being sold at under £1 a pop. Well, it appears as if Microsoft is fighting back; today the company announced that a new bundle is on the way with insanely popular action RPG Monster Hunter leading the charge.


For the same price as a regular 250GB Xbox 360 console, gamers can now get a bonus copy of Monster Hunter Frontier along with added in-game content. Available only in Japan and exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, Monster Hunter Frontier is the first online-centric game in the series, and unlike previous installments, requires a subscription.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Judging by the popularity of the MH games, this should give 360 sales a boost in Japan.

    • The thing is that you first have to pay gold sub and then you have to pay to play this Monster hunter game too on a monthly fee. And another thing to note is that ps3 is getting monster hunter 3 HD soon.

      • “And another thing to note is that ps3 is getting monster hunter 3 HD soon” Where did you hear this? Thats awesome news! :)

      • I’ve not heard much about the HD remake. Will it even make it to these shores I wonder.

      • it’s one of the remastered psp games isn’t it? they were bigging them up at e3, i’d be surprised if it didn’t make it to the west.

      • I believe it was from? *cough TSA *cough Great I have a sore throat. >_>

    • Cheers Michael Pachter.

      • Where’s my cheque ;)

      • It’s beneath all the bullshit you have in your office, Michael. :)

  2. I don’t think this as done as well the others.

  3. I bet it’ll still fail.

  4. Why on earth would people buy this MH game?
    I’m judging be “first online-centric’ means only online?
    You can play online on any of the other MH games. For free. Most MH fans will already have MH, and therefore a PSP. Making it even more unlikely for them to go and buy an Xbox and pay £40 a year for online, just for one decent expensive game.

    • Just read Kivi95’s comment – great minds think alike huh? ;)
      I’ve been eagerly waiting the arrival of a MH game for PS3 for ages.. well since PS2 tbh.

  5. Just thinking, if the game is XBOX 360 and PC only, and requires a subscription service… wouldn’t it be more likely that the MH fans in Japan would much rather buy the game on PC, seen as how they already have to pay to get XBOX Live when they buy the XBOX?

  6. Haters gone hate.

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