Ni no Kuni Gets Japanese Release Date

Now, here’s a game we haven’t heard from in a while. Developed and published by Level 5 (the team behind White Knight Chronicles and Professor Layton) with the help of anime giant Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni will finally launch in Japan on November 17th, according to Famitsu.

However there is some bad news; a standard PlayStation 3 copy of the game will set you back ¥8,800, which converts roughly into £70 and this is without “special edition” gubbins such as biscuit coupons and novelty tea cosies.


There has yet to be any word on an overseas release though given Level 5’s recent track record we’d be surprised if a localised Ni no Kuni didn’t turn up sometime next year.



  1. i’m definitely looking forward to this one.
    hopefully a western release will be sooner rather than later.

  2. Scratch that one of my want list for now then.

  3. This is probably the ONLY game that I would be prepared to pay over the £40 mark for… but for £70 I would have to wait for reviews to give at least a 9/10.

  4. Still a “buy” for me – after the disappointment of the WKC series (especially considering their previous home console track record with Rogue Galaxy & Dark Chronicle) I’m hoping for something special from this. Would love to know how they’re justifying that price tag though.

    • I too, am wondering where they’ve dug up that price from. I still want it with a desire bordering on desperation but that price-tag is just a little bit eye watering if nothing special is included with the game. I’m interested to see how this is going to translate into western prices.

      • Obviously now “Western prices” means something slightly different for the two of us! I’m pretty sure we’ve discussed the disappointing lack of quality JRPGs in the West in the past (y’know, once or twice, usually culminating in “still no sign of Steambot Chronicles 2”), and slapping a hefty price tag for no (evident) good reason won’t help the situation. It might well turn out to be a fantastic game but if people won’t pay for it, it won’t sell, demand will assumed to be low and other opportunities for Western releases of Eastern titles will be declined.

        Then you’ll just end up with another quality game from Japan that wears its “cult hit” title like a noose – like Valkyria Chronicles, for example – where the media and a core fan base adored it but it’s cruelly ignored by the gaming masses.

        Oh, and good to see you around pal :)

      • Yeah it does though I’m still thinking of everything in both GBP and USD so I’ll stick to western for now. ;)

        I agree completely and it’s a wholly depressing scenario for a genre which means so much to me. The worst part is that Valkyria Chronicles is a truly excellent game and yet would still seem to be banished to near exile on PSP.
        Level-5 had a reputation on PS2 that could simply not be ignored. WKC on the other hand … While it didn’t ruin it, it shook the foundations a little for me. Level-5 and Studio Ghibli though? Have they invented a dream reading device and pointed it in my general direction or something? ;)

        You’re totally right about the potential wider impact of this bizarre pricing though and it’s something I hadn’t considered before, it’s terrible news for a genre that in my mind is already in steady decline. If/when it reaches the west, I sincerely hope that they’ve had a rethink on the prices. I hope it’s an unquestionable masterpiece and the public buys it in their droves. Not asking for much am I?

        Failing that, I’ll take Steamboat Chronicles 2 whenever they’re ready to see sense. ;)

      • “Have they invented a dream reading device and pointed it in my general direction or something? ;)”

        I sincerely hope not. I’ve got some Skype chat logs with you that would make a game that’d make Catherine look normal :D

      • Heh. Is that the one about me being a 6yr old jazz pianist suffering from memory loss after a traumatic and existence defining event? I need that game. :D

      • Yeah, the one with the robots, where everyone’s named after a herb :D

      • Ahhhh. *sad smiley face* Eternal Sonata was the last one so NNK will have to do for now. Maybe the jazz/herb/robot game will come next time. I see EA are focusing on new IP. :D

  5. That Pokemon thingy with the sword is pretty kick-ass.

  6. I’m a sucker for cute animation/graphics, especially in RPG form – looks a little like Costume Quest vs Final Fantasy. Can only be a good thing…

  7. I’d certainly buy this game if it was in english but It would still be interesting to find out what makes them think this game is worth so much. Was it very expensive to make the game and/or does it feature Final Fantasy-esque hours of playtime?

  8. I have a very long ‘would like to buy’-list and a very short ‘must buy’-list. This is on the short list and I’m glad it finally got an official release date. I hope it translates to spring 2012 in the EU.

  9. Want. Shame its likely to be years away from western release

  10. Looks fantastic

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