Twisted Metal Release Date Announced

David Jaffe has officially announced the release date for Twisted Metal. The game will be available on February 14th, 2012 in North America for the PS3. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Check out the video below for a teaser of an upcoming trailer that focuses on Doll Face.


Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Coolest of beans to hear it Feb….so many games for ps3 an vita is gonna explode too. Awesome.

  2. It’s not really on my list to be honest.

    Anyone who’s totally psyched(sp/real word?) for it?

    • Me me me me me. I own every single Twisted Metal game released ^_^. Been playing the series since I got my PS1.

      • Fair enough. The gameplay I’ve seen definitely looks fun.

    • its a bit different, so me.

    • & me

    • Well Twisted Metal Black was fun so i’m definitely interested

  3. I’ll probably check it out some day as TM:Black was a lot of fun, but I’ll make them wait for my sale a bit now since they have made me wait so long for the game to come out ;) That and I will have more than enough games to play through at that time considering the release schedule over the coming months…

  4. Ah, happy for him to diss teaser trailers as they really are crap sometimes. :D

  5. I think the game looks really fun! I’ve always liked vehicular-combat, but I’ve never played Twisted Metal before. Not all games need a solid story and engaging characters, just plain old fun is all that I want from it. And split-screen, which it has.

    • The stories in Twisted Metal Black are still things I watch every now and then. Quite interesting :D

  6. Awesome. Just two days after my birthday. I know what I’m asking for!

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