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Pocket Halfpipe is a skating game with various different modes, from a free mode where you can skate without any time constraints to a survival mode (as shown in the video) where you have 15 seconds on the clock and with each trick you gain additional time with the objective being to last as long as you can.

Luckily for you, we have five codes to give away on iPhone/iPad.

To be in with a chance of winning a code we want you to come up with the funniest skating trick (name and brief description) that you can in the comments section below. The five that we think are the funniest will win a code.

If you are suggesting a trick for the fun of it but not entering then please make sure you state that in your comment.

Terms and conditions for this competition 
*One entry per person.
*This competition is not limited to the UK and is open to all.
*Codes will be sent via the email address you currently have in your TSA profile.
*We will be announcing the winners in a front page article shortly after codes go out.
*The winners will be chosen by the Community Team.
*This competition closes on Sunday 28th August at 6:00pm BST.
*The normal terms and conditions also apply.



  1. Fuuniest Skating trick yep got one been doing that trick for years!
    Trick – Ballache
    It’s like a kickflip but the board goes upwards and you split your legs in the air to attempt to land but instead the tail/nose board ends up point your balls when you land on impact – Ballache

    • That’s actually known as a “Sacktap”. Have a google for it…

  2. Skating tricks? Has to be the “paedobear”.

    Try to summersault off a half-pipe but fall head over heels when a 6 year old walks by, while wearing a bear costume. Always a winner.

  3. SSX Maybe – You repeatedly start the trick but never quite finish it and don’t respond to rumours. Eventually you do it but it’s not the same as the first time.

  4. Description: When you flip the skateboard one full rotation then swallow the entire thing whole
    Title: 360° Kilmer

  5. The HPtouchpad

    When you think you’ve completed your 360 air spin, and your coming down for landing. Then you realise your skateboard isn’t where you thought it was and has basically dissapeared and you end up scraping your face on the concrete.

    • Alternatively, you can search endlessly for your skateboard, only to discover there’s no more skateboards in the entire bloody world. So you just scrape your face on the concrete anyway.

      Still bitter.

      • Buy an Archos G9 instead, it’s so, so much better and not that far off the price. (this is not a skate trick, maybe)

  6. Ball Grinding
    You go to do a standard grind. Fall off the board and end up straddling the pipe whilst still going across the pipe wrecking your balls doing so.

  7. ‘The Shiatsu’
    Grind the vinyl while the your 54mm massage your back.
    Scary and relaxing… :D

  8. Trick – GT5 (Grab – Twist – Five)

    After a long wait you proceed to show your trick to the world. The crowd are all Hyped to the max in anticipation as you come hurtling to the ramp. You Grab the front of the board with your left hand Twist your your hips slightly to the left, then while looking at the crowd you splay your right hand to show your Five fingers. You then come back down the other side of the ramp.

    The crowd goes MAD………………….

  9. Description: Gain as much Air as you can and then just drop to the middle of the halfpipe face down with your skateboard held to your belly in a 90° angle.
    Title: Plankapalooza
    Recommendation: Don’t do this on a full stomache…

  10. Name: News of the World
    Description: Hack Tony Hawk’s voicemail and use one of his new tricks

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