Pocket Halfpipe Winners

On Friday we had a little competition to win one of five codes for Pocket Halfpipe. The five winners of those codes (as chosen by the Community Team) are:

TheBerzerka with: “The flopsy. Description: you start off full of vigour but go limp halfway through.” (4 votes).

FalconRedux with: “Trick: Don’t Look Down. How to do it: Tall and with no sense of balance? Have no fear, just sit on the board and get a mate to push you gently down a gentle slope. Still working on a method of stopping safely…” (4 votes).

DR-DAVROS with: “Trick – GT5 (Grab – Twist – Five). After a long wait you proceed to show your trick to the world. The crowd are all Hyped to the max in anticipation as you come hurtling to the ramp. You Grab the front of the board with your left hand Twist your your hips slightly to the left, then while looking at the crowd you splay your right hand to show your Five fingers. You then come back down the other side of the ramp. The crowd goes MAD …” (3 votes).

Crazy_Del with: “Trick – Ballache. It’s like a kickflip but the board goes upwards and you split your legs in the air to attempt to land but instead the tail/nose board ends up point your balls when you land on impact – Ballache”. (2 votes).

nemesisND1derboy with: “Skating tricks? Has to be the “paedobear”. Try to summersault off a half-pipe but fall head over heels when a 6 year old walks by, while wearing a bear costume. Always a winner.” (2 votes).

There we have it! The five winners will find their codes in their registered email account. Enjoy!



  1. Well done to the winners, its a great game.

  2. Whoop. Congratulations to the other winners.
    Played this on my iPad last night and it’s great.
    Cheers guys.

  3. I knew I was never going to win this but I entered with the slim hope that I might of. Congrats to the winners.

  4. Thank you guys and Thank you Adam ^^
    Can’t wait to play this and try ballache if possible?!?!

  5. Good, I didn’t want to win anyway.

  6. What? The Hp touchpad didnt win? Blasphemy! lol

    Congrats to the winners.

  7. Cheers guys :) Congrats to everyone else who won!

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