Modern Warfare 3 Gets Steamworks

Valve has confirmed that Activision’s upcoming Modern Warfare 3 will launch with Steamworks integrated.

Both digital and retail versions of the game will use the service, and the PC edition will also support dedicated multiplayer servers.


The game is now up for pre-purchase on Steam for just under £40, ahead of its release in November.

Source: VG24/7



  1. Didn’t expect that. It’s good to see it in more games though.

    • The two most recent Call of Duty’s used SteamWorks as well

  2. Great stuff.

    With Origin doing nothing but annoy people, Steam integration with everyone’s friend inertia will be good for MW3 but also good for Steam

  3. Yup, good for MW3, Steam & gamers who want to play with their friends lists which in a lot of cases can take years to build up.
    Just look at G+ Vs Fb or Twitter, friend inertia can be a stronger pull than the product itself.

    • Very true, despite hating the game, i bought it a few months ago at full price when a few friends wanted to play Zombies with me. I must say though, i will not be buying another one after that :P

  4. It’s good to see them learning from the mistakes of MW2 and giving PC gamers what they want.

  5. Cool, could this possibly mean steam on PS3 again too? (if i had friends) It would be great!

  6. Wow, theres a twist.. Good news tho, I was all set to buy BF3 on PC until Origin came along, now its on my boycott list along with any games containing UbiDRM. Now Im tempted to get this instead..

    • Boycotting origin? Why? I mean, it’s not that bad is it? Missing out on Battlefield 3 just because it doesnt have Steamworks seems rather drastic.

      • Origin is an arse though

      • I have a bigger issue with the otherwise near-monopoly Steam is building than I do with Origin.
        I’m still not going to boycott any service though, it doesn’t make sense.

    • I’m boycotting it, because I don’t want another download client sitting on my PC, I’ve got enough already. Why should I add more crap to my desktop that serves no purpose other than farming information and sending it to EA, so that they can target me better with more advertising? Installing a piece of software, that monitors you’re actions and sends info about your hardware and installed software (all software, not just EA’s) back to EA is spyware, no matter how you word it in a EULA and I dont want that in my PC.

      It probably wont change anything, but if people don’t stand by their principles, then corps like EA will just walk all over us.

  7. The PC edition having dedicated servers p*sses me off.

    “Hi we are Activision, even though the game is going to sell more on the 360 and PS3 and where we make the most money and that’ll have more players, we’ll give PC users dedicated servers instead”.
    This is why I will most likely not be buying a 600p game running on the MW2 engine.

    • The res isn’t that much of a deal, however if you’re going to use pixel count as some sort of fan/hater statement… thanks to twice the framerate CoD still pushes more pixels per second into your eyeballs than Bf3 on consoles, unless my maths are wrong, which is possible :D

  8. So is this for consoles too?

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