Fan’s View: PlayStation Access – Part 2

This is the final part of Posem’s fan’s-eye view of the PlayStation Access event in Birmingham this weekend. If you missed the first, it can be found here.

Now approaches my favourite part of the day, one greatly anticipated and delivered, the other highly unexpected.

When I first got Resistance 1, I liked it a lot. It was set in England for a change, which I always like with games and immediately makes me take notice. However, I got stuck halfway through, became frustrated and sold the game after a month, determined to hate the franchise evermore. This was all turned on its head by Resistance 3; it was incredible.

[drop]I played it in 2D, 3D, and in 2D with the Sharpshooter Move controller. The 2D experience was easily the best, followed by the other two coming joint second, both having their disappointing problems. At the start of the level I charged straight in (thinking it was MAG) and instantly got taken out by the Chimera. The section reloads and I try the same tactics again, resulting in me immediately dying again. I try it once more and this time I’m met with success, before being killed by a huge tank-like monster. Okay, I didn’t expect that, I don’t even remember Resistance having these creatures.

The game has definitely evolved. The snippets of the plot that I saw were incredible, combined with the graphics which can easily rival the best on the PS3 so far. The controls were a bit finicky for my liking and took some getting used to, but eventually I managed to get to grips with them after half an hour or so.

It was a nice experience, I enjoyed the few levels I played quite a lot, and this actually made me want to go and buy the first two games. Resistance has done something plenty of other franchises haven’t; it’s made mistakes, listened to its fans, and then grown from those mistakes into a more mature, compassionate and adult game which you wouldn’t actually mind holding the door for in a restaurant. Compared to Killzone 3 it seemed so… different. I can’t put my finger on it but heh, it was actually good and was the surprise of the day for me. Of course, that was all the 2D experience, now let’s take a look at the 3D.

Whilst still the same game, the 3D was a lot harder to fathom than Shadow of the Colossus. I had to get off the sofa and stand behind it before it worked properly. There was no setting in the options menu to tone it down or tweak it, it just wouldn’t work properly. Eventually the best I could do was stand two meters away with my eyes slightly crossed, which still only managed to produce a mildly double image; it hurt to watch and play an incredible amount.

I don’t know how this was made but something has gone wrong in the process, 3D shouldn’t be like this. I was sat less than two foot from the screen when playing Shadow and that worked perfectly. Frustrated, I put it down and tried the Sharpshooter.

This was a slightly better experience, I liked the gun a lot (having plenty of experience from Link’s Crossbow Training) however there are some niggles. The controls took a lot of getting used to, and after 20 minutes I was still more puzzled than I should have been. The controls section of the pause menu made no attempt to help, and the Chimera didn’t seem to care that I couldn’t throw a grenade at them while they shot me to bits.

As for the Move itself, it felt sloppy. The calibration features in the menu were extremely hard to fathom and won’t be easy for newcomers or casual gamers. Even with sensitivity ramped to the highest setting I still had to hold the Sharpshooter in almost a straight line to the side of my body to get the character to turn, and still he’d only turn slightly or spin in a sickening quick spiral. I couldn’t find any way to get a happy medium after playing with the calibration controls multiple times. Hopefully this will be sorted out by the time it’s released as the use of the Sharpshooter peripheral was brilliant and its use in the game was great, it just didn’t really seem coded properly into the game.

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  1. Interesting read about move support. It worked perfect in kz3 so I’m puzzled why the same can’t be implemented here maybe a few tweaks were needed eg deadzones etc.

    • knew I was forgetting one bit, Move on KZ3 worked perfect last year, but compared to Resistance 3 it just felt like a nightmare. Whereas KZ3 felt like the move support had been specially made for the game, Resistance 3 had the impression it was an afterthought merely tacked on

  2. Another great read. Really looking forward to R3 and Revelations so it was good to read your opinion on them.

  3. Good reporting Posem, i fell foul of Resistance 2 but loved the more straight-forward play of R1. I’m still a bit cautious about R3 but the more i read about it the better it sounds. Although i’ve enjoyed using Move for games like The Shoot, my brief attempts at using it for a FPS have just made me retreat to the reassuring comfort of the dual sticks… something about old dogs and new tricks i guess :)

  4. nah it wasnt that, the AC competition was quite late so we only had 15 minutes to play R&C before being herded to the exit. I’ve never played R&C before, but the multiplayer aspects worked well. Graphics seemed fine and the story was funny to watch unfold. Seems like a good addition to an already-solid franchise

  5. Great read :) really looking forward to Resistance 3, sounds great by reading what you have said about it. As for 3D i don’t need to worry as i don’t own a 3D TV, but I’m slightly disappointed by the Move, as others have said KZ3 worked perfectly with it. Assassins Creed really needs to improve the multiplayer servers, it’s impossible to find any games on brotherhood even when it was first released. The Beta is out today or soon i believe for PS Plusers so I’ll look forward to giving that ago. Still have two Ratchet and Clank games to complete so not at all in the need for another at the moment

  6. Oh well – 1st day buys for the rest of this year are –
    Uncharted 3
    R&C:All 4 one
    ICO HD
    God of War Collection 2 HD(HD = Hard’Don)(this list is giving me one) :o
    Journey(beta was AMAZING, if out this year?). . .

    Hmm. . .’ALL’ PS3 Exclusives! The PlayStation brand is the BEST;)
    Oh + MGS:PW(HD) The ‘MGS Ultimate HD Collection'(Dare i say it? The ‘PS3 Exclusive’ one)(with MGS1(as a download + MGS4, it’s the only version to get):P

  7. Well written, great read :)
    Confused as to why the R3 3D and move is so awful.. Makes me wonder as to maybe that’s the reason it was taken out of the TV bundle.. Disappointing really.

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