“Something Awesome” Coming to LittleBigPlanet

There are many fans of LittleBigPlanet here at TSA, and they may be interested to see the following image that has been posted in the official LBP forum:


A bit of detective work over on the forum seems to point at this image being linked to the upcoming Move pack. Hopefully some sort of confirmation is incoming.

Source: LBP Forum




  1. they should totally rip off the harry potter subtitle..
    “something awesome this way comes…”

    • You don’t read Shakespeare much, do you?

      • Well done colmshan that made me chuckle.

      • Does anyone read Shakespeare “much” ?? :)

      • I don’t, but still know that Shakespeare line.

      • I doth my cap to thee good sir

    • That is the best thing. Ever. On Earth. In the Universe.

  2. They’ve also announced they will be attending EGX and have more info to come over the next week. Could be linked.

  3. Looking forward to the Move pack, probably get it next year though, I have lots of love for LBP2

  4. The Move pack will be great, I’m useless at the creator but there are some real geniuses out there capable of making at least Mini/PSN type titles with this I’m sure.

  5. I saw that it’s coming on September 14th!
    Looks very good.

  6. I didn’t bother with lbp2 as lbp did nothing for me whatsoever. My creative skills are equal to those of a braindead turd so all that was left for me was a distinctively average, albeit cute Platformer.

    • Haha yeah that was my summary too. Though playing other people’s creations was quite fun (the good ones obviously. 99% of levels are shite)

      • Agree with both of you.

        Some people’s creations were immense & they were fun to play, most were shit though, but not as shit as mine.

        Away from a select few people’s creative juices it was actually an average platformer.

      • I think LBP was used wrong. The best way to your level noticed is to copy a real life game. Most of the MM picks are either remakes or tech demos. Instead, they should focus on the fun a level brings you.

  7. Something Awesome is coming…

    Is it a fix for my missing lethal tools that I asked them to fix months and months ago? Hmm though not.

    Sort it out MM.

    • Not just that, the game’s missing loads of stuff.

  8. The tittle on the ‘I’ is a teensy little PSN symbol, so it’s safe to say that this is something to do with a DLC pack.

    I just looked in the forum, and there’s more clues laced in there, but boy have they gone in depth, and basically come to the same conclusion as I did!

    • Aren’t they ganja leaves on the right? And who’s the dude at the top left?

  9. It’s most probably the “Rise of the Cakeling” Move pack, which will be released on 14th of September. The leaves on the right side are a new decoration or object from the pack.
    There’s a lot of new content, I can’t wait :)

    • “Best of all, the Move Pack brings backwards compatibility with LittleBigPlanet 2, meaning you can play though all the original story levels, and all five million community levels using the Move Controller!”

      found that in the article you linked. I was expecting only to be able to play community levels that had been designed to be used with move rather then replacing the ds3.

  10. Surely this can’t be about the move pack as that’s already been announced and everyone knows about it??

    • That’s what I thought too, but I reckon they’d wait until the Move pack is out before hyping something else…

      • seems strange that they would try and post a secret message if you like about something everyone knows about it.

        personally I hope it’s for a kev butler sack boy costume!!

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