Killzone 3 Patch Arriving Tomorrow

Guerrilla have released details of a new patch for the rather awesome Killzone 3 and there are a number of significant changes.

Most notably, the weak-as-kittens turrets created by Engineers will be gaining an extra 30% in armour and the Marksman’s scramble ability is no longer ‘always on’ and has as a cool down period after use.


Cosmetic changes include ‘real time projectors’ within the Radec Academy map and ‘toned down overly enthusiastic death screams’.  I don’t think anyone is particularly enthusiastic about death, but if you have just been shot in the stomach, you are hardly going to quietly whisper “whoops!”.

Here is the full list of changes included with patch 1.12:


  • Changed Marksman’s scramble ability into an active ability– The marksman scramble ability now needs to be activated and deactivated via the d-pad, and has a cooldown period.
  • Increased tracking response for engineer turrets– The turn speed of turrets has been increased, allowing them to track players more easily.
  • Increased armor for engineer turrets (30%) – Turrets can still be destroyed by a single explosion from a grenade or missile launcher.


  • Improved StA-2 Battle Pistol – Detonation time for the StA-2 Battle Pistol’s grenade is shorter, and the damage it deals is more severe.


  • Added realtime projector to MP15 Radec Academy  – A realtime projector has been added to the theater room, projecting onto the large wall with two doors.


  • Toned down overly enthusiastic death screams – Aieeeeaaargh!


  • Increased mission points in Warzone– There is more of an incentive to go after mission objectives now.
  • Doubled cooldown time on mortars– Cooldown time was increased from 30 to 60 seconds to avoid spamming the Search & Destroy mission area.
  • Fixed tournaments not ending as soon as one clan leaves.
  • Fixed clans being able to rejoin games that were already finished– Clans used these exploits to boost their game wins and climb the leaderboards.
  • Reduced wait time at end of the round– The wait time was brought down from 60 to 45 seconds.
  • Reduced pre-game wait time at end of the round – The wait time was brought down from 30 to 20 seconds.


  • Added menu option to disable Sixaxis-only actions– Sixaxis-only actions can now be switched off in the menu, so players only have to press ‘O’ to start an action. This will make Killzone 3 more accessible to disabled players.
  • Added map name to spawn screen – The map name can be seen in the top left, under the titles.




  1. went n the other week and there didnt seem many on which is a shame.

    • make sure your map filter is set to ALL and you’re unlucky not to get a good game

  2. good patch, was worried it wouldn’t happen. Still room for more DLC although not likely now..

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