More Shots of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

There’s no denying that the latest Dragon Ball Z game looks amazing. This is something I mentioned back in July after playing it at HyperJapan.

Also noted at the time was that the section of story mode shown seemed to be one big QTE. Hopefully that was a one off, and there’s a bit more to it than that.


In the meantime, enjoy these new screens!

Source: Press Release



  1. I’m intrigued, is that purple guy just a character I don’t know or are we FINALLY getting character customisation :D

    • YEAH!! CUSTOM Purple saiyans….

      Its about time

  2. love Dragonball Z, custom characters would be cool =]

  3. WHY ARE THEY PURPLE?! Purple us my favorite color, but damn, they’re supposed to be gold! Grrrr #takesthesethingsfartooseriously

    • Or yellow dependent on your tv settings, or red if SSJ4.

  4. Its time for Black Goku!

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