PixelJunk 4am Trailer Released

The PixelJunk team has released a trailer for PixelJunk 4am, the new ‘ultra-romantic’ name for PixelJunk Lifelike.

“4am is that deep night hour. In clubs, the music drifts to a new level entering a deepened state that often seems removed from reality. Whether you’re in a club or not, 4am always feels like the night has gone on forever, where there’s still that little bit of time left before dawn.”

The name change has occurred as the project has evolved from a simple visualizer to a music creation tool.  Using the PlayStation Move you can mix and alter the music and stream your performance over the PSN. PixelJunk say the game covers “new and uncharted waters both visually and musically.”


A website for the game (is it a game?) has also gone live in which you can wave you mouse about and mix audio streams. Click here to have a go.

Source: YouTube





  1. Ok, i could see how he filtered the sound by twisting the Move but i’m not hugely convinced by that video that it’s useful music creation program. Hopefully it’s better than it looks atm.

  2. Although it’s hard to say how good it will be, PixelJunk have been very consistent in quality, so I am sure they have this ‘game’ all worked out.

    Plus, im a sucker for cool graphics and am loving the visual style :3

    • Yeah I’m with you on this one, plus I’m into Baiyons music at the moment…actually really looking forward to this one ;)

  3. Sounds interesting, a demo would be compulsory, would not get this otherwise.

  4. Lovely concept going on there. Fingers crossed they can flesh it out into a workable title, no matter what it is.

    • feel the same would love to make music in a game.

  5. That could potentially be amazing. I have complete faith in PixelJunk too so hopes are high for this one.

  6. If its any good as Music 2000 on the ps2 i will defo buy this. Loved Music 2000 for the ps2, used to spend weeks building up one song! We really need a user friendly music creation game/tool for the ps3.

  7. I trust PixelJunk but the trailer wasn’t very impressive. Either they have a stinker or they should wait until they have something better to show. This seemed like a commercial to sell drugs and glow sticks.

  8. Well it does sound pretty weird, but Pixeljunk haven’t let me down yet.

  9. Stick to Propellerhead Reason for music creation, this for parties and fun

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