PixelJunk 4AM Viewer Now Available For PS+

The PixelJunk 4AM viewer is now live on the EU PlayStation Store and available to download if you are a PS+ subscriber.

You can read Alex’s hands on preview with the composer element here, I have it on in the background right now and it’s kind of what I expected.


It reminds me of something I would listen to at 9am on a Sunday morning in a dimly lit chill-out room somewhere in the depths of London’s clubland.

At present there are very few people broadcasting performances so it may take a while before you can listen to the experimental bloops.

The viewer requires PlayStation Move and seems to have a slight bug, my Move deactivated itself and I had to recalibrate to continue watching. Now the Move won’t stop vibrating, I have had to put in in my sock drawer to get rid of the annoying hum.



  1. Are you sure it’s the Move that won’t stop vibrating and not a different similarly sized stick? :P

  2. So, I can’t even listen to other peoples music without a Move? :/

  3. It has been there since last week, unless i’m missing something?

    • Yeah I’ve had it since last week. It’s pretty boring tbh, especially as you can only listen to other performances.

      • yeh got this last week. not a great beta for users but it is only a beta.

    • Performances are meant to have started yesterday. Stil doesnt seem to be much online.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, loaded it now but i just used the DS3 which seemed to work fine… no performances available..
    Have you tried pressing the reset button just under the label on the Move controller?

    • that’s handy, i’d like to try it to check out what people create with the full title, but i don’t have move.

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